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Pre 1700 and 1900 Classes

english department

Pre-1700 Requirements Spring 2016:

ENGL3307 History of the English Language M W F 2 Stanton
ENGL3310 Shakespeare M W F 12 Sofer
ENGL4424 Middle English Alliterative Poetry T TH 10:30 Weiskott


Pre-1900 Requirements Spring 2016:

Note: Pre-1700 courses also satisfy this requirement.

ENGL2141 American Literary History I T TH 10:30 Lewis, A.
ENGL2171 Intro to British Literature and Culture II M W F 12 Najarian
ENGL3313 Rags and Riches T TH 10:30 Wallace, E.
ENGL3364 19th Century British Fiction T TH 1:30 McAleavey
ENGL4436 ATS: Hawthorne-Melville Perplex T 9-11:25 Wallace, J.
ENGL4438 Victorian Selfies M W F 10 Bellows
ENGL4501 Boston: History, Literature and Culture M W F 11 Lewis, P.
Stanwood, O.
ENGL4955 ATS: Ireland: The Colonial Context TH 2-4:25 Smith
ENGL6613 ATS: Gender and Sexuality in Victorian Literature T 2-4:25 Hunt