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Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences

American Literature

english department

English Electives Offered Spring 2017


Course # Course Name Day / Time Professor
ENGL2143 American Literary History III T TH 3 O'Har
ENGL2277 Introduction to American Studies M W F 12 Harrison-Kahan
ENGL3346 Asian American Experience M W F 1 Song
ENGL4478 Poe and the Gothic T TH 10:30 Lewis
ENGL4626 Studies in American Culture W 11:30-1:55 Feeley
ENGL4628 Capstone: Five Heroic Americans W 3-5:20 Farrell
ENGL4632 ATS: Friendship, Love & Social Taboo W 2-4:25 Harrison-Kahan


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