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Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences

Advanced Topic Seminars

english department

Advanced Topic Seminars provide our students with the opportunity for imaginative, intensive discussion and research on some of the most exciting subjects in the study of English today. While the content of these seminars varies--some take up topics in history and culture; some, the life and work of individual writers; some, interdisciplinary topics or contemporary theory-- each seminar trains students in critical thinking and independent research. Students interested in writing Honors theses are encouraged to take at least one ATS.  Limited to 15.


English Electives Offered Spring 2018:


ENGL5002 ATS: Virtual Joyce (Spring:3.0)

One astonishing book, one unforgettable experience, one seminar a week. Intermittently baffling, always fascinating, frequently hilarious, Joyce presents a challenge that no serious devotee of literature (not just English majors) should refuse. Along our intimate journey through the greatest novel of the Modernist movement, we’ll employ a few modern digital tools to help ask great humanistic questions. Eagerness, curiosity, and a sense of humor are the only prerequisites. The demand that I make of my reader, Joyce wrote, is that he should devote his whole life to reading my works. Don’t wait. Start now.

Joseph Nugent


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