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english department

English Electives offered Fall 2015: Course Descriptions

 ENGL2206  Literature and Business T TH 12  Shepard
 ENGL2212  Introduction to Medical Humanities T TH 1:30  Boesky
 ENGL2237  Studies in Children's Literature M W F 11  Rudner
 ENGL2283  Comparative Drama M W F 11  Haskin
 ENGL2288  God and the Imagination W 11:30-1:55  Mariani
 ENGL3235  2nd Voices: 21st Century American  Immigrant Fiction Writing  T TH 12  Graver
 ENGL3351  British Romantic Poetry M W F 1  Richardson 
 ENGL3388  Autobiography T TH 1:30  Tobin
 ENGL4478  Poe and the Gothic T TH 3  Lewis, P.
 ENGL4495  Contemporary Asian Cinema T TH 9  Klein
 ENGL4497  CNF: Argument and Commentary TH 11:30-1:55  Mathieu
 ENGL4516  Visual Text/Graphic Novel  T TH 3  Lydenberg
 ENGL4637  Capstone: Vision Quest TH 1:30-3:50  Miller
 ENGL4671  Magazine Production and Publishing T 4:30-6:55  Boucher



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