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Doctoral Student News

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Announcements and Ongoing Events

The Graduate Colloquium

This joint M.A.-Ph.D. program sponsors lectures and gatherings throughout the academic year. In recent years, the Colloquium has taken the form of thematic evenings, each with a keynote lectures by one faculty member and then papers delivered and responded to by our graduate students. Contact colloquium organizers.

Ph.D. students in their third and fourth years also participate in a pedagogy seminar. All students are welcome. Pedagogy seminars occur periodically.

Recent Student Activities and Accomplishments

We like to keep a running list of recent accomplishments by students in our program. If you have something to contribute please email Tracy Downing.

Requests for applications to the doctoral program should be sent to the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences.

Literary Research Links

The English Library Newsletter offers students and faculty, information on starting electronic journals, research developments and more.

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Doctoral Student News

Articles, Books, Book Chapters, Creative Works

Atwood, Emma. article on the history of Arundel House is now available on the Map of Early Modern London.

Atwood, Emma. Emma's short pedagogy article, "Teaching Early Modern Poetry with Homer's Iliad," appears in the December 2013 edition of This Rough Magic, an open-access peer-reviewed journal dedicated to the teaching of medieval and renaissance literature. article

Atwood, Emma. Emma's article "Fashionably Late: Queer Temporality and the Restoration Fop" appears in the spring 2013 issue of Comparative Drama 47.1.

Atwood, Emma. Her 10-minute play, a comical look at the backstage shenanigans at a college production of Hamlet called "Something is Rotten," was performed by the After Hours theater company at BC as part of Spring 2013 ArtsFest.

Atwood, Emma. “‘All Places Are Alike’: Marlowe’s Edward II and English Spatial Imagination” appears in the Winter 2013 issue of the Journal of Medieval and Early Modern Studies 43.1

Atwood, Emma. Her original 10-minute play titled "Putting on a Wedding Dress" was fully produced by the After Hours student theater company at Boston College in November 2012.

Atwood, Emma. 'Will Fisher, Materializing Gender in Early Modern English Literature and Culture (Cambridge: Cambridge UP, 2006)'. Early Theatre 14.1 (2011): 152-5 (paper). Article 10.

Kuhn, Andrew. “Ciaran Carson’s Books: A Bibliographic Mapping of Belfast.” Eire-Ireland 45.1-2 (2010).

Recent Conference Presentations and Talks

Rowena Clarke is presenting at the American Literature Association conference, the paper is titled: "Multiplying Mildreds: Repetition, and the Democratization of the Post-war American Landscape in Mildred Pierce" May 2015.

Emma Hammack presented work on Liminality and Poetics in Wordsworth's Miscellaneous Sonnets, at the Wordsworth Summer Conference in Grasmere; Emma has also presented on the unpublished travel journals of Mary Wordsworth. 

Katherine Kim presented at NeMLA for the "Remembering and Recreating the Self in 19th- and 20th-Century Fiction" panel.

Eric Pencek gave a presentation at the New Eyes on the Eighteenth Century V: Dinner Symposium at Harvard on February 10, 2014. The title was "Science, Entertainment, and the Strange Career of Gustavus Katterfelto."

Scott Reznick, presented a paper entitled "'Living in Other Lives': The Problem of Surveillance Amidst the Knot of Dreamers" as part of the Nathaniel Hawthorne Society panel at the American Literature Association conference in Washington, D.C., May 2014.

Nell Wasserstrom presented a paper, "Stasis vs. Finitude: Saint Teresa and the Experience of Ecstasy," in a three-day seminar titled "Ecstasy" at the American Comparative Literature Association Conference in Seattle, March 26-29, 2015.

Lauren Wilwerding presented a paper entitled "Objects of 'Perilous Proximity' in Harriet Martineau's 'Domestic Service'" at the Nineteenth-Century Studies Association's annual conference, March 26-28, 2015.

Lauren Wilwerding delivered a paper, " 'Hovering Between': Louisa May Alcott’s Sensational Gothics, The Governess, and Women’s Work" at the Graduate Music Society's 7th annual conference, "Tracing the Goth/ic: Viewing Culture Through Barbarism" at Boston University on February 8, 2014.


Other News

Alyssa Bellows was awarded the 2013 Andrew Von Hendy Prize for Graduate Writing at Boston College for her essay "Story-Making Minds: Mary Garth as Fictional Representation of Realism in Middlemarch."

Amelie Daigle won the 2015 Mitchell Prize for Best Graduate Student Paper awarded by the Northeastern Pop Culture Association.

Rachel Ernst was awarded the 2014 Donald White Teaching Award.

Scott Reznick was awarded the 2014 Donald White Teaching Award.

Scott Reznick was awarded the 2014 Andrew Von Hendy Prize for Graduate Writing for the essay "'The Right of a Man to Be a Man': Masculinity, Sentiment, and Political Ideals in Uncle Tom's Cabin."

Scott Reznick was awarded a graduate fellowship by the Clough Center for the Study of Constitutional Democracy for the upcoming academic year 2014-2015.

Scott Reznick was awarded the 2013 Andrew Von Hendy Prize for Graduate Writing at Boston College for his essay "The Poetics of 'Unaccountable' Minds: Theory of Mind in "Bartleby the Scrivener: A Story of Wall-Street.'"

Lauren Wilwerding was awarded the 2014 Andrew Von Hendy Prize for Graduate Writing at Boston College for her essay "The Uses of 'Elegant Economy': Questions of Contingency and Vocation in Cranford."