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2014 Summer Graduate Courses

english department

  Session 1: May 13 through June 19
ENGL8887 Introduction to Advanced Research M W 2:00-4:25 Stanton

This course asks students to contemplate the kind of literary scholar they want to be and then provides them with basic literary research tools that will help them achieve this goal. By becoming versed in bibliographical and archival methods and learning about research techniques in complimentary fields of study, students will become grounded in the basics of contemporary literary studies. Readings on academic scholarship and disciplinary methods and workshops on traditional and special library collections and internet resources define this course. Students will demonstrate their knowledge of these essentials by producing an original, archived-based research essay.


  Session 2: June 23 through July 31
Novels of the World
T TH 7-9:30

This course will focus on contemporary novels by authors from various places in the world as well as on the question of how to teach such novels. We will explore the ideas as well as narrative structures and styles (the aesthetics) of writers such as Sebald (Germany), Coetzee (South Africa), Pamuk (Turkey), Hosseini (Afghanistan), Mahfouz (Egypt), and Kundera (former Czechoslovakia). We will address political, social, and historical dimensions and contexts. Although it will be difficult to generalize from a few novels, we will engage issues of cultural difference. We also may consider some relevant post-colonial and/or psychoanalytic theory.