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2015 Spring Graduate Courses

english department

ENGL7010 American Literature, Print Culture
and Material Text
M 7-9:30
Lewis, A.
English Language Training for Graduate Students W 4-6 Anderson
ENGL7715 Animal Worlds in the Middle Ages W 4:30-6:55 Stanton
ENGL7749 Poetics
Fulfills the Theory Requirement
W 2-4:25 Richardson
ENGL7751 Race and Cultural Theory
Fulfills the Theory Requirement
TH 2-4:25 Young
ENGL7752 Contemporary Literary and Cultural Theory
Fulfills the Theory Requirement
T 7-9:30 Restuccia
ENGL7753 Reading Jacques Derrida
Fulfills the Theory Requirement
Th 4:30-6:50 Newmark
ENGL7772 16th Century British Writers M 4:30-6:50 Crane
ENGL7775 Seminar: Nabokov W 3-5:30 Shrayer
ENGL7782 Issues and Methods in American Studies M 2-4:25 Klein
ENGL8800 Irish Gothic Th 4:30-6:50 Howes
ENGL8816 Dickens, Eliot and James Th 7-9:25 Ohi
ENGL8825 Composition Theory and the Teaching of Writing T 4:30-6:50 Tobin
ENGL8840 Contemporary American Fiction Th 2-4:25 Song
ENGL8855 British Literature and Postcolonial Criticism F 2-4:25 Seshadri
ENGL9904 PhD Seminar: The City Th 10-1 Rotella


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