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2016 Spring Graduate Courses

english department

English Language Training for Graduate Students W 4-6 Anderson
ENGL7709 Visual Culture
Fulfills the Theory requirement
T 7-9:30 Lydenberg
ENGL7754 Making of Renaissance Literature M 2-4:25 Haskin
ENGL7762 Fourth Genre: Contemporary American Literary Nonfiction T 4:30-6:55 Tobin
ENGL7771 Victorian Novel F 2-4:25 McAleavey
ENGL7780 Readings in Theory
Fulfills the Theory requirement
T 4:30-6:50 Newmark
ENGL7786 T.S. Eliot and Walter Benjamin
Fulfills the Theory requirement
Th 4:30-6:50 Lehman
ENGL8806 Advanced Topic Seminar
American Literatures of Slavery & Abolition
Th 7-9:25 Lewis, A.
ENGL8818 Yeats: Work, Thoughts, Context Th 2-4:25 Howes
ENGL8825 Composition Theory and the Teaching of Writing W 2-4:25 Mathieu
ENGL8849 Romantic Texts and Contexts W 7-9:30 Richardson
ENGL8858 Postcolonial Literature and Theory
Fulfills the Theory requirement
M 4:30-6:50 Seshadri
ENGL8873 Shakespeare W 4:30-6:55 Crane
ENGL9917 Ph.D. Seminar:
Issues and Methods in American Studies
T 10-1 Klein

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