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Fall 2014 Graduate Courses

english department

Everyday Fictions
Th 2-4:25
ENGL7700 English Language Training for Graduate Level: Focus on Speech T 4-6 Anderson
ENGL7705 Early Modern Poetry M 2-4:25 Haskin
ENGL7707 W.C. Williams and Stevens T 4:30-6:55 Mariani
ENGL7731 The Idea of Literature:
From Work to Text
Fulfills the Theory Requirement
Th 7-9:30 Lehman
ENGL7732 Contemporary Irish Fiction W 4:30-6:55 Smith
ENGL7752 Contemporary Literary and Cultural Theory
Fulfills the Theory Requirement
M 7-9:30
ENGL7785 Stuart Literature and Culture W 2-4:25 Boesky
ENGL7789 18th Century Comedies T 7-9:30 Chibka
ENGL8805 Beckett T 2-4:25 Sofer
ENGL8836 Media, Culture, Narrative M 4:30-6:55 Wilson
ENGL8887 Introduction to Advanced Research W 7-9:30 Najarian
Ph.D. Seminar: The Victorian Novel and Genre
T 10-1
ENGL9914 Some American Renaissances F 2-4:30 Wallace
ENGL9934 Advanced Research Seminar Th 10-1 Bicks


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