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Fall 2015 Graduate Courses

english department


ENGL7700 English Language Training for Graduate Level: Focus on Speech T 4-6 Anderson
ENGL7734 African American Writers of
20th and 21st Centuries
TH 7-9:30 Young
ENGL7742 Chaucer: Verse History W 4:30-6:55 Weiskott
ENGL7743 Elizabethan & Jacobean Drama TH 4:30-6:50 Sofer
ENGL7747 Sex, Gender and the  Body in
Early Modern England
T 2-4:25 Bicks
ENGL7787 Ireland: Colonial Context TH 2-4:25 Smith
ENGL8810 Hopkins - Berryman T 4:30-6:55 Mariani
ENGL8811 Queer Time
(Fulfills the Theory requirement)
T 7-9:30 Ohi
New England Literary Culture
W 2-4:25
Wallace, J.
ENGL8813 Joyce, Ulysses, Empire and Nationalism F 2-4:30 Nugent
ENGL8815 Julia Kristeva
(Fulfills the Theory requirement)
W 7-9:30 Restuccia
ENGL8887 Introduction to Advanced Research M 4:30-6:55 Najarian
ENGL9900 Ph.D. Seminar: 18th Century Materialisms
(Fulfills the Theory requirement)
T 10-1 Wallace, E.


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