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Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences

Dayton Haskin

english department

Dayton Haskin


A.B., University of Detroit
M.A., Northwestern University
B.D., University of London
Ph.D., Yale University

Stokes Hall S457
Boston College
Chestnut Hill, Mass. 02467

Phone: 617-552-3706
Fax: 617-552-4220

Academic Profile

Specializes in seventeenth-century literature, Milton, Donne, and comparative literature. He is currently working on the early history of English Studies, especially on the places of Shakespeare, Milton, and Marlowe in the curriculum of American colleges.

Additional Professional Information

Writing Awards

  • The James Holly Hanford Prize (for Milton's Burden of Interpretation)
  • The John Donne Society Distinguished Book Award
    (for John Donne in the Nineteenth Century)
  • The John Donne Society Award for Distinguished Publication, 1989; 2002
  • The Boydston Essay Prize, 2003

Teaching Award

  • Boston College Distinguished Teaching Award, 2000

Professional Honors and Offices

  • Guggenheim Fellow
  • President of the John Donne Society, 1994-95
  • President of the Milton Society of America, 1996-97
  • Modern Language Association Division on Religion and Literature (chair, 2002-2004)
  • John Donne Society Distinguished Service Award, 2010
  • Advisory Boards:
        The Variorum Edition of the Poetry of John Donne
        The Oxford Edition of Donne’s Letters
        The John Donne Journal

Publications (selected)

  • "Shakespeare, Milton, and the Humanities at MIT in its Foundational Period." Explorations in Renaissance Culture, 43 (2017): 1-29.
  • John Donne in the Nineteenth Century, Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2007.
  • Milton's Burden of Interpretation, Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 1994.
  • "The Works of Wm. Shakespeare as They were Sundry Times Professed in Harvard College." Shakespearean Educations: Power, Citizenship, and Performance. Ed. Coppélia Kahn and Heather Nathans. Newark: University of Delaware Press, 2011. 175-201.
  • "George Eliot as a ‘Miltonist’: Marriage and Milton in Middlemarch." Milton and Gender. Ed. Catherine Gimelli Martin. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2004. 207-22.
  • "No Edition Is an Island: The Place of the Nineteenth-Century American Editions within the History of Editing Donne’s Poetry." Text: An Interdisciplinary Annual of Textual Studies 14 (2002): 169-207. Winner of the Boydston Essay Prize and of the John Donne Society Award for Distinguished Publication.
  • "When Performance Is at Odds with Narrative:The Designated Mourner as Wallace Shawn's Wager on John Donne." Narrative[special issue on performance theory] 8 (2000): 182-209.

Ampler List of Publications


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