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Elizabeth Graver

english department

Elizabeth Graver


B.A., Wesleyan University
M.F.A., Washington University

Stokes Hall S439
Boston College
Chestnut Hill, Mass. 02467

Phone: 617-552-4154
Fax: 617-552-4220

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Academic Profile

Specializes in creative writing, and in 20th- and 21st-Century North American Literature.



  • The End of the Point. New York. Harper, 2013.
  • Awake. New York: Henry Holt, and Co., 2004.
    Harcourt Brace/Harvest paperback edition, 2005.
    Book Sense 76 Selection

  • The Honey Thief. Harcourt Brace/Harvest paperback edition, 2000.
    British editions, London: The Women’s Press, 2000, 2001.
    German edition, Munich: List Taschenbuch Verlag, 2000.
    Hebrew edition, Israel: Kinneret Publishing, 2001.
    Chinese edition, Vintage International, 2002.
    Large print edition, Thorndike Press, 1999.
    Braille Edition, Braille Review, 2001.
    “Discovery” selection of New England Booksellers Association
    Doubleday Book Club Selection
    Book Sense 76 Selection
    New York Times Book Review Notable Books of the Year, 1999 and “Notable Paperbacks” 2000 .
    Long-listed for the 2001 International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award
  • Unravelling. New York: Hyperion, 1997.
    Harcourt Brace/Harvest paperback edition, 1999.
    Quality Paperback Book Club Selection
    Barnes & Noble “Discover Great New Writers” Selection
    New York Times Book Review “Notable Books of the Year” 1997, and “Notable Paperbacks” 1999.
    Selected as a “Best Book of the Year” by Chicago Tribune and Glamour
    One of three finalists, 1998 L.L. Winship/PEN New England Award
    Choice of Best Book for 2005, Great Books—Because Women Say So!,
    Mollie Hoben, ed., Minnesota Women’s Press.

Short Story Collection

Have You Seen Me? Pittsburgh: University of Pittsburgh Press, 1991.
Ecco Press paperback edition, 1993.
Awarded the 1991 Drue Heinz Literature Prize. Judge: Richard Ford

Anthologized Work

  • “Flatiron,” Art from Art Anthology, Ed. Steve Soucy (Modernist Press, forthcoming 2010).
  • “The Mourning Door.” Best American Short Stories 2001, Barbara Kingsolver, guest ed., Katrina Kenison, ed. (Houghton Mifflin, 2001). 85-97.
  • Prize Stories 2001: The O. Henry Awards, Guest Editors: Mary Gordon,
    Michael Chabon, Mona Simpson; series editor, Larry Dark, (Anchor/Doubleday). 191-199.
  • Pushcart Prize XXVI: Best of the Small Presses, Bill Henderson, ed. (Pushcart Press, 2002). 256-265.
  • Behind the Short Story: From First to Final Draft, Todd Pierce and Ryan Van Cleave, eds., (Allyn & Bacon/Longman, forthcoming 2005).
  • Out of the Blue Writers Unite, Timothy Gager, ed. (T. Gager Press, 2003).
  • Lincoln by Lincoln, Reflections on a Massachusetts Town at 250, Mary Ann Hales, ed., (Cottage Press: 2004).
  • Before: Stories of Pregnancy from Our Top Writers, Ed. Emily Franklin (New York: Overlook Press, 2006): 63-72.
  • “Have You Seen Me?” 20: Best of the Drue Heinz Literature Prize, John EdgarWideman, ed. (U. of Pittsburgh Press, 2001): 210-225.
  • Sacred Ground: Writings About Home, Barbara Bonner, ed. (Milkweed Editions: 1996): 150-166.
  • “Surtsey.” Passing the Word: Writers on their Mentors, Jeffrey Skinner and Lee Martin,  eds. (Louisville: Sarabande Books, 2001). 131-152.
  • “Two Baths.” Best American Essays, 1998, Robert Atwan, ed.; Cynthia Ozick, guest ed., Robert Atwan, ed. (Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1999): 146-156.
  • “Islands Without Names.”  American Fiction, Vol. 9, A. Davis, M. White, eds. (New Rivers Press: 1997): 23-35. Story chosen by Joyce Carol Oates.
  • “A Place Not There” Best Underground Fiction, Scott Miles, ed. (Stolen Time Publishing, 2006), Eds. Scott Miles and Jeff Mikos. 198-211.
  • “What Kind of Boy.” An Intricate Weave: Women Write About Girls and Girlhood, Marlene Miller, ed. (Iris Editions: 1997): 184-196.
  • Lost On Purpose: Women in the City, Amy Prior, ed. (Seal Press/Avalon, 2004): 153-166.
  • “Mammals.”  Chick-Lit 2:  New Women’s Fiction Anthology, C. Mazza, J. DeShell,
    E. Sheffield, eds. (Fiction Collective 2: 1996): 106-113.
  • “Between.” Strictly Casual: Fiction By Women On Love, Amy Prior, ed. (Serpent’s Tail, UK: 2003): 1-19.
  • Inappropriate Random: Stories on Sex and Love, Amy Prior, ed. (Seal Press, New York, 2003). 1-22.
  • Prize Stories 1996: The O. Henry Awards, William Abrahams, ed. (Anchor/Doubleday: 1996): 285-300.
  • Adult Development and Learning: Multicultural Stories, S. Merriam and
    L. Baumgartner, eds. (Kreiger: 1999): 129-141. (Anchor/Doubleday: 1994): 216-228.
  • "Three Mothers." Writers Harvest, William Shore, ed. (Harcourt Brace: 1994): 265-268.
  • “The Body Shop.” Best American Short Stories, 1991  (Houghton Mifflin: 1991): 194-208. Selected by Alice Adams.
  • "Square Dance." Street Songs I: New Voices in Fiction, Jane Hill, ed. (Longstreet Press: 1990): 78-96.

Short Fiction

  • “Flatiron” forthcoming in Art from Art, Ed. Steve Soucy, Modernist Press, forthcoming 2010.
  • “Flatiron,” commissioned for “Stories on Stage,” WBEZ Radio, Chicago, IL; performed on January 10, 2004, and subsequently broadcast nationally on NPR.
  • “The Mourning Door.” Ploughshares, Vol. 26 #2&3, Gish Jen, guest ed. (Summer, 2000): 80-89.
  • “Surtsey.” Doubletake (Summer, 2000): 92-98.
  • “Touch and Go.” Story, (Autumn, 1999): 42-49.
  • “Dream of the Stolen Skirt.”  Fiction, Vol.14, #2 (Summer 1997): 213-214.
  • “A Place Not Here.” Columbia: A Magazine of Poetry and Prose, Issue 27
    (Fall 1996): 141-149.
  • “Vines and Other Climbing Plants.” Story (Summer 1996): 12-24.
  • “Halogen.” Glimmer Train, Issue 16 (Fall 1995): 69-86.
  • “What Kind of Boy.” Southwest Review, Vol. 80, #2 & 3 , (Spring/ Summer 1995): 260-271.
  • “Scavenger Bird.” Ploughshares, Vol. 21, No. 1, Gary Soto, guest ed. (Spring, 1995): 94-108.
  • “Between.” Story (Autumn 1994): 44-55.
  • “Have You Seen Me?” Antaeus 67 (Autumn 1991): 20-33.
  • “The Counting Game.” Seventeen (October 1991): 112-124.
  • “The Blue Hour.” Prism International 29, 2 (January 1991): 63-73.
  • “The Boy Who Fell Forty Feet.”  Stanford Humanities Review (Winter 1991).
  • “Yellow Tent.” Southwest Review 75, I (Autumn 1990): 539-551.
  • “The Skyscrapers.” River Styx 31 (Summer 1990): 14-17.
  • “The Body Shop.” Southern Review 26 (April 1990): 436-448.
  • “Square Dance.” Story (Autumn 1990): 25-35.

Creative Non-Fiction/Journalism

  • “Migrate", The Seneca Review, double issue: The Lyrical Body: Poets and Essayists on Human Difference. (Spring, 2101, Vol. 39/2 - 40/1).
  • “And Then She Drowned,” in The Sincerest Form of Flattery: Contemporary Women Writers on Foremothers in Fiction, Ed. J. Kolosov (Lewis-Clark Press, Idaho): 136-142.
  • “A Christmas Mitzvah,” in Wondertime, December 2007.
  • “Dora, Barbie and the Recalls,” (Op-Ed), The Boston Globe, 9/6/07; reprinted in the International Herald Tribune, 9/7/07.
  • “Gathered.” Why I’m Still Married: Women Write Their Hears Out About Sex, Love, Betrayal, Loss and Who Does the Dishes, Karen Propp and Jean Troustine, eds., (New York: Hudson Street Press/Plume, 2006). 143-156.
  • “Something to Tell You.” Searching for Mary Poppins: Women Writers Write About the Intense Relationship Between Mothers and Nannies, Gina Hyams, Susan Davis, eds. (New York: Hudson Street Press/Plume, 2006): 99-112.
  • “The Long Good-bye.” Parenting, August 2005.
  • “Play.”  Self, September 2004.
  • “Where Imagination Meets Memory,” Wesleyan Magazine, Summer 2004.
  • “On Being Still.” Self, July 2001. 165-166.
  • “A Double Kind of Knowing.” Passing the Word: Writers on their Mentors, Jeffrey Skinner and Lee Martin, eds. (Louisville: Sarabande Books, 2001). 125-130.
  • “Detail Work,” Boston College Magazine, spring 1999: 33-35.
  • “Two Baths.” Shendandoah 47/1 (Spring 1997): 62-72.
  • "Three Mothers." Boston Review XIX, 2 (April/May 1994): 32-33.


  • "Net." Tikkun 10, #5 (September/October 1995): 1.
  • "I Tell Myself." Boulevard 10, #3 (Fall 1995): 166-167.

Criticism/Writing on Craft

  • “Once Upon a Time: Playing with Time in Fiction”, Now Write!  Fiction Writing Exercises From Today’s Best Writers and Teachers. SherryEllis, ed., (Tarcher Books/Penguin, 2006).
  • "Recommendations: Bonnie Burnard and Jose Saramango." Post Road, Vol. 5 (Autumn, 2002).
  • "Un Bruit Assourdissant: Entre Mot et Silence dans La Jalousie de Robbe-Grillet" ("A Deafening Racket: Between Word and Silence in Robbe-Grillet's Jealousy"). Symposium: A Quarterly Journal in Modern Foreign Literatures XLIV (Spring 1990): 28-36.

Additional Professional Information

Professor Graver's stories and essays have been anthologized in Best American Short Stories(1991, 2001), Best American Essays (1998), The Pushcart Prize Anthology (2001), and Prize Stories: The O. Henry Awards(1994, 1996, 2001). She is the recipient of grants from the National Endowment for the Arts and the Guggenheim Foundation.