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Academic Courses

east european studies

The Director can advise students concerning courses not on this list that may still satisfy the requirement.

FM284 Eastern European Film

HS149/PO407 Balkan Civilizations
HS020 Eurasia in the World
HS297 Women in Russian History and Culture
HS454 Twentieth-Century Russia
HS457 Stalin

PO424 Reform, Revolution, and the Communist Collapse
PO432 Postcommunist Transitions
PO504 International Politics of Europe
PO510 Globalization

SL003-004 Elementary Russian
SL035-036 Introduction to Bulgarian
SL045-046 Continuing Bulgarian
SL051-052 Intermediate Russian
SL205/EN303 Tolstoy and Dostoevsky
SL222/EN227 Classics of Russian Literature
SL223/EN228 Twentieth-Century Russian Literature
SL231 Slavic Civilizations
SL232/EN229 Literature of the Other Europe
SL249 Gender and War in Eastern Europe
SL272 War and Peace in Yugoslavia
SL274/FM277 Russian Cinema
SL280/SC280 Society and National Identity in the Balkan
SL283/CL268/TH383 The Christian East: Orientale Lumen
SL284 Russian Civilization
SL288 Literature and Revolution
SL306/EN250 Approaches to Russian Literature
SL316 Old Church Slavonic
SL322 The Structure of Modern Russian

TH406 War and Peace in Eastern Christianity
TH422 Introduction to Orthodox Theology
and others