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Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences

Ph.D. Candidates Seeking Employment: 2016-2017

department of economics

The faculty of the Boston College Department of Economics are pleased to offer the following job candidates for your consideration. Full details on their fields of expertise, dissertation research, and doctoral committee are presented in the linked pages.

Please contact any candidate's advisor or the Placement Director, Prof. Fabio Schiantarelli, for additional information regarding any of our job candidates. You may also reference contact information for each of our faculty members.

 Name  Fields  PDF  Job Market Paper  References
Laura Bonacorsi International Trade, Macroeconomics CV Scale Economies in European Trade James Anderson
Fabio Schiantarelli
Ben Li
Alexander Eiermann Macroeconomics, Monetary Theory and Policy, Empirical Asset Pricing CV Effective Monetary Policy at the Zero-Lower-Bound Peter Ireland
Susanto Basu
Pablo Guerron
Igor Karagodsky Corporate Finance, Financial Intermediation, Financial Economics, Econometrics CV Credit Ratings and Debt Issuance: How do Private Firms Differ from Public Firms? Arthur Lewbel
Thomas J. Chemmanur
Michael Grubb
Philip Strahan
Darren Kisgen
Mashfiqur R. Khan Applied Microeconomics, Labor Economics, Economics of Aging CV The Effect of the Disability Insurance Application Decision on the Labor Force Participation of Denied Applicants Mathis Wagner
Matthew S. Rutledge
Joseph F. Quinn
Ana Lariau Macroeconomics, Macro-Labor, Labor Economics CV Underemployment and the Business Cycle Sanjay Chugh
Fabio Schiantarelli
Ryan Chahrour
Pablo Guerron-Quintana
Choon Sung Lim Applied Microeconomics, Labor and Personnel Economics, Economics of Education, Behavioral Economics CV Learning When It Counts: Evidence from Professional Bowling Tournaments Arthur Lewbel
Andrew Beauchamp
Mathis Wagner
Hieu D. Luu Empirical Industrial Organization; Applied Microeconomics CV Consumer Search Costs in Mortgage Markets Julie Holland Mortimer
Michael Grubb
Richard Sweeney
Ethan Struby Macroeconomics, Monetary Economics, Financial Economics CV Macroeconomic Disagreement in Treasury Yields Peter Ireland
Ryan Chahrour
Susanto Basu
Francesca Toscano Corporate Finance, Corporate Governance, Econometrics, Financial Economics, Monetary Economics CV Does the Dodd-Frank Act Reduce Conflicts of Interest Faced by Credit Rating Agencies? Fabio Schiantarelli
Thomas J. Chemmanur
Edith Hotchkiss
Darren Kisgen
Zhijie Xiao

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