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Department of Economics

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Milder Winter and Lower Energy Prices Forecasted

The Northeast, the region most reliant on home heating oil, will get a huge windfall this winter because of the big decline in oil prices as well as expected warmer weather. Professor Bob Murphy explains how this combination could affect consumer spending.

Long Road Still Ahead for Pacific Trade Pact

International trade expert and BC professor Jim Anderson told the Boston Herald that there are ways to ameliorate the potential "inequality consequences" of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).

The Fed Predicts Inflation Will Gradually Rise in the Next 2-3 Years

CNBC quotes Boston College economics professor Bob Murphy in their analysis of the Fed's bullish inflation expectations and the effect on interest rates.

Recent Selected Publications

Kevin E. Cahill, Sloan Center on Aging & Work at Boston College, Michael D. Giandrea, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, and Joseph F. Quinn, "The Impact of Hours Flexibility on Career Employment, Bridge Jobs, and the Timing of Retirement" (02/2014; PDF)

Michael D. Grubb
, "Behavioral Consumers in Industrial Organization" (05/2015; PDF)

Christopher F Baum
, Hans Lööf (Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm), Pardis Nabavi (Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm), and Andreas Stephan (Jönkoping International Business School), "A New Approach to Estimation of the R&D-Innovation-Productivity Relationship" (05/2015; PDF)

Scott Fulford
, Ivan Petkov and Fabio Schiantarelli, "Does It Matter Where You Came From? Ancestry Composition and Economic Performance of U.S. Counties, 1850-2010" (05/2015; PDF)

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