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Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences

Course Selection, Placement and Credit FAQ

computer science

What courses should I take Freshman year?

How do I choose a course to start the math sequence?

How do I get summer courses approved?

What about advanced placement?

Do Computer Science students participate in study abroad programs?

What courses should I take Freshman year?

Most student should take CSCI1101 in the fall semester, followed by CSCI1102 in the Spring.

BA students should take MATH1100 and MATH1101. BS students should take MATH1102 and MATH1103. BS students should consider taking a two-semester science sequence with a lab.

How do I choose a course to start the math sequence?

Consult the placement recommendations on the Mathematics department website.

How do I get summer courses approved?

Check the BC academic policies before taking an external course (i.e. a summer course at another school). If the course is to fulfill a core, major or minor requirements, you need prior approval from the corresponding department at Boston College. For example, approval for mathematics courses is granted by the Mathematics Department. Computer Science courses are approved by the Undergraduate Program Director. Students may take a maximum of three courses per summer. Note that no more than eight summer or part-time courses may be credited towards and Arts and Sciences degree. A grade of C- or better is required to receive course credit.

What about Advanced Placement? Can I get credit for AP Computer Science and other AP high scores?

Students who score a five on the Computer Science A exam, or a four or five on the Computer Science AB exam, or who have significant programming experience should consult with the Undergraduate Program Director about starting the Computer Science course sequence with CSCI1102.

Science AP credit can be used to fulfill the additional science elective requirement for the BS provided the AP credit is not overlapping. Science AP credit cannot be used for the two-semester lab science requirement.

For Advanced Placement for courses in other departments, contact those departments directly (i.e. Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, English, etc.)

Do Computer Science students participate in Study Abroad Programs?

Studying abroad can be an enriching experience. If you choose to study abroad, you will need to plan your schedule carefully, especially if you would like to spend your entire junior year abroad. The Office of International Programs has information and advising services available to students interested in studying abroad including scheduling and deadlines.

If you plan to take Computer Science courses abroad, you need to verify that they will count for credit before your semester abroad. Find several alternative courses, as often students find courses are cancelled or closed. Consult wit the Undergraduate Program Director as early as possible in your planning.