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CS Alumni Network

computer science


The Boston College Computer Science Alumni Network was created to connect Computer Science alumni with fellow alumni, faculty, and students. The Network includes a directory of alumni, some have whom have chosen to act as mentors to students for the exchange of ideas on careers, and for post-graduate studies in the field and allied disciplines.

Follows is the current list of alumni, background on their work, and contact information. Alumni who wish to serve as mentors may indicate on the signup form. Those who wish to contact a mentor whose information has been marked available upon request may inquire of Jane Costello at

To join the network, please fill out the short online CS Alumni Signup Form.


Dan Bachiochi, email available upon request

CTO of TempAlert

Dan graduated with in Computer Science and Mathin 1997

"Career advice, networking and general questions."


Julie Baconemail available upon request

Web Developer at iStrategyLabs in Washington, D.C.

Julie graduated with a B.A. in Computer Science in 2015. 

"Studying Computer Science at BC opened new doors and chapters in my life that I never imagined. Throughout undergrad and my early years as a young professional, my experience has taken me to build web applications for both Fortune 500 companies and early-stage startups. iStrategyLabs is a technical agency that builds for VR, the web, and mobile. I am available to offer academic and career advice, mentorship, and connect students to my network."


Sam Baxter,

Software Engineer at iZotope Inc.

Sam graduated with a BS in Mathematics and a BA in Computer Science in 2014

"I would love to answer any questions students may have about the experience of applying to PhD programs in computer science, pursuing graduate studies while working in industry, what it takes to step right into a full time engineering position with no experience, or anything else I can help with. If there are ever CS alumni connection events on campus, I would also be interested in attending to answer questions in person, or even to give a presentation on some of the unique things I've gotten to work on so far in the field. Pretty much any way I can help, I'd be interested in."


Bob Hatcher, email available upon request

Principal Salesforce Technical Architect at Imprivata

Muhan graduated with a B.S. in Computer Science in 2001

"Imprivata is a Boston company focused on helping healthcare access, communicate and transact business securely and conveniently. We use as the primary driver for all our business processes at Imprivata. It is my role to understand business requirements and translate them into systems that work for end users. This requires understanding the business as well as all the technical tools at our disposal, both within Salesforce and in other connected systems. It also requires me to use my nontechnical acumen through building relationships, project management, and other disciplines.

"While computer science students tend to gravitate to showcasing their technical chops, I think BC students are well positioned to be a lot more than a killer developer. Liberal arts students are well rounded and can communicate, and there is a strong and underserved market for technical people who can be an intermediary between businesspeople who want to use enabling technology and technical people who can make it happen. This is the career I've carved out for myself and I am happy to help future students who are interested in that path."


Brad Hayesemail available upon request

Postdoctoral Associate in the Interactive Robotics Group at M.I.T.

Brad graduated with a B.S. in Computer Science and a B.A. in Mathematics in 2008. 

"I'm happy to provide guidance for students interested in pursuing graduate study in Computer Science or who are interested in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and/or robotics. A description of my work is available on my website:"


Patrick Kirk, email available upon request

Manager, Manager, Management Consulting - Pricing and Profitability Management at PwC

Patrick graduated with a BA in CS in 2006 and an MBA in 2013

"I came through the CS program, but was never particularly interested in becoming a full time developer. I ended up in a consulting position which required a strong balance of business acumen and technical know-how. In this role, I would be happy to talk to students about the options they have in the consulting world, as well as the importance of being a well-rounded candidate that can speak the business strategy and also know how to execute."


Brian Lauducci, Tel: 908-625-5898

Special Project Director (formerly Information Technology Director) at Paylock IPT, LLC

Brian graduated with a BS in Mathematics and a BS in Computer Science in 1993.

"Help Computer Science graduates make the transition from school to working life. Networking in the NY/NJ area."


Andrew Logan, email available upon request

Engineering Manager at Akamai Technologies in Cambridge, MA

Andrew graduated with a BS in Computer Science in 2005

"I've worked as a developer at a small startup, a developer at a bigger company and have had the chance to manage people and projects over the past couple of years.

"I'd be more than happy to answer questions folks might have about life in the industry - whether it's about getting started, the trade-offs involved in designing and writing solid, maintainable code on a deadline (cheap, good or fast: pick two!) or transitioning from a purely technical role to a managerial one."



Senior Lead Software Engineer at The Walt Disney Company

Gary graduated with a BS in Computer Science in 1997

"I can answer questions and provide advice about technical career paths. I can also introduce my contact network, given students' areas of interest."


Joe Mahon, email available upon request

Joe graduated with a BS in Computer Science in 2012

"I currently work as a full-stack engineer (mostly Ruby on Rails) for WeSpire. We build a social network internal to large corporations focused on sustainability and corporate social responsibility."


Catherine Meuseemail available upon request

Software Engineer at Wayfair in Boston MA

Catherine graduated with a B.A. in Computer Science in 2015

"I would love to have conversations with students both passionately interested in computer science and those simply considering it. Since I've graduated from Boston College my background has been in web development at Wayfair, an e-commerce company that sells home goods. I'm happy to help guide students as they transition from computer science students to employees developing for large-scale companies and I'm available to offer advice in any way I can."

Muhan Zhang, email available upon request

Software Engineer at Kairos AR, Inc.

Muhan graduated with a concentration in Computer Science from the Carroll School of Management in 2015

"Kicking off my career as a software engineer was the last thing I expected when I took my first CS class as a freshman at BC. Throughout my undergraduate career, I've had a variety of internship experience all exclusively in non-technical roles (consulting, product management, and foreign policy.) I would be most helpful to students who have both depth and breadth in their interests, especially those interested in startups, entrepreneurship, and leveraging one's technical talent to potentially starting a business."