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Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences

1998 Honors Theses

computer science

Author: Chris DeAngelis  
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Title: Radiosity: A Study in Photorealistic Rendering
Advisor: William Ames
Summary: Between all the methods of computer graphics - which is essentially a marriage of mathematics and computer hardware, - one of the most compelling yet perhaps most overlooked areas is that of radiosity. My patient advisor, William Ames, encouraged me to start the process of understanding just what radiosity is and how it works by using the original sources rather than latter reformulations. This paper serves to summarize my findings and efforts with a fair amount of detail and to give some insights as to why radiosity is fascinating but has not generated all that much in the way of widespread development efforts.
Author: Dan Mundy  
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Title: Organic Molecule Visualization
Advisor: William Ames
Summary: Visualization is a very important aspect of organic chemistry. Unlike general inorganic chemistry reactions in the organic realm are not constrained purely to the charge and concentration of reagents. Organic molecules can become very large, and their actual shape greatly affects what other molecules they will react with. A model set is almost always required with any organic chemistry course. By combining different atoms with various bonds, a student can see and manipulate a representation of the molecule.
Author: Peter Levesque  
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Title: Object-Oriented Database Design and Development
Advisor: Ed Sciore
Summary: There are two main parts to a database: a database management system and an application which defines the data types to be stored and queried. The implementation of each of these parts depends on the type or style of the database. The two most popular types of databases childly in commercial use are Relational and Object-Oriented. The Relational database has been used widely in the last 20 years, but it has some limitations in modern robust applications. The Object-Oriented approach to database design is relatively new, and it introduces an improved method of storing data, along with a greater range in applicable uses. For my thesis, I wanted to discover the new techniques being used in Object-Oriented database design and data storage, and to implement my own Object-Oriented database management system.