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Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences

1997 Honors Theses

computer science

Author: Christopher Boudreau
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Title: An Introduction to Dynamic Response Formatting
Advisor: Robert Muller
Summary: Since the birth of the World Wide Web, web publishers have tried to overcome the limitations of static content on web pages. There have been many attempts to add dynamic content to web pages. JavaScript, Java, ActiveX and Common Gateway Interface (CGI) programs have been developed to make web pages more dynamic and active. In addition, the Context Interchange (COIN) team at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has implemented the ability to make a query to any database and the ability to request information from a website as if it were a database. This technology, along with help from Server Side Includes and JavaScript, has allowed beginner programmers to receive hassle-free, database driven web content through Dynamic Response Formatting. This paper will explore the differences and similarities between Dynamic Response Formatting and DHTML, a new form of HTML that can change its position on a web page without reloading from the server.
Author: Stephen Guarerra  
Title: Strongly Typed Customized Function Representations
Advisor: Robert Muller
Summary: We describe an implementation of a framework for transforming data representations in a strongly typed intermediate language. Our method allows both value producers (sources) and value consumers (sinks) to support multiple representations, automatically inserting any required code. Specialized representations can be easily chosen for particular source/sink pairs. As an instance of our framework, we provide a function representation transformation that encompasses both closure conversion and inlining. Our framework is adaptable to data other than functions.