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Faculty Journal Articles

communication department

Referred journal articles by Communication faculty (in bold) since January 2000.


Dailey, R. M., McCracken, A. A., Jin, B., Rossetto, K. R., & Green, E. W. (2013). Negotiating breakups and renewals: Types of on-again/off-again dating relationships. Western Journal of Communication, 77(4), 382-410.

Wells, C. (2013). Controlling “Good Science”: Language, National Identity, and Occupational Control in Scientific Work. Management Communication Quarterly, 27(3), 319-345.



Petronio, S., Di Corcia, M., Duggan, A. (2012).  Navigating ethics of physician-patient confidentiality:  A Communication Privacy Management Analysis.  The Permanente, 16 (4), 41-45.

Matelski, Marilyn J. “Halliburton:  Cementing Rigs and Relationships.”  The International Journal of Knowledge, Culture and Change Management. (vol. 11, 2012): 1-15.

Dailey, R. M., Rossetto, K. R., McCracken, A. A., Jin, B., & Green, E. W. (2012). Negotiating breakups and renewals in on-again/off-again dating relationships: Traversing the transitions. Communication Quarterly, 60(2), 165-189.



Duggan, A.P., Bradshaw, Y.S., Swergold, N., & Altman, W. (2011).  When rapport-building extends beyond affiliation: Communication over-accommodation toward patients with disabilities.  The Permanente, 15(2), 23-30. 



Duggan, A.P., Bradshaw, Y.S., & Altman, W. (2010).  How do I ask about your disability?  An Examination of Interpersonal Communication Processes between Medical Students and Patients with Disabilities.  Journal of Health Communication,15 (3), 334-350.

Matelski, Marilyn J. “Online Connections:  Teaching Family Communication as a Hybrid Course.” International Journal on Learning (vol. 17, 2010): 57-66.

Matelski, Marilyn J. “As Our Worlds Turn:  The Birth and Re-Birth of Cuban Serial Drama.” The Journal of Popular Film and Television (vol. 38, 2010):  186-192.

Matelski, Marilyn J. “Deng Xiaoping Greets ‘The Duke:’ The Evolution of American Studies in China.”  Journal of the World Universities Forum (vol. 3, 2010): 131-142.  Co-authored with Nancy Lynch Street.

Jones, B. L., Volker, D., Vinajeras, Y., Butros, L., Fitchpatrick, C., & Rossetto, K. R. (2010). The meaning of cancer survivorship for Latino adolescents. Cancer Nursing, 33, 74-81.



Barry, Ann Marie. “Mirror Neurons: How We Become What We See.” Visual Communication Quarterly. Vol. 16, April-June 2009. pp. 79-89.

Duggan, A.P., & Bradshaw, Y.S., Carroll, S.E., Rattigan, S.H., Altman, W. (2009). What Can I Learn From This Interaction? A Qualitative Analysis of Medical Student Self Reflection and Learning in a Standardized Patient Exercise about Disability Journal of Health Communication.

Keith, Michael. “Norman Corwin’s Lost Journal, Part 2,” Journal of Radio and Audio Media, 2009, Vol. 16, pp. 50-66.

Matelski, Marilyn J. “The Funhouse Mirror: US Soap Opera Images Abroad.” International Journal of the Humanities, vol. 7 (1), 2009: 1-7.

Dailey, R. M., Rossetto, K. R., Pfiester, R. A, & Surra, C. A. (2009). A qualitative analysis of on-again/off-again romantic relationships: "It's up and down, all around." Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, 26, 443-466.



Duggan, Ashley P., and Bradshaw, Ylisabyth S. "Mutual Influence Processes in Physician-Patient Interaction: An Interaction Adaptation Theory Perspective." Communication Research Reports 25.3 (2008), 211-226.
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Duggan, Ashley P.; Dailey, Rene; and Le Poire, Beth A. "Reinforcement and Punishment of Substance Abuse During Ongoing Interactions: A Conversational Test of Inconsistent Nurturing as Control Theory." Journal of Health Communication: International Perspectives 13.5 (July 2008), 417-433.
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Keith, Michael. "Norman Corwin’s One World Flight: The Found Journal of Radio’s Greatest Writer, Part 1." Journal of Radio and Audio Media 15.2 (2008), 261-277.
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Duggan, Ashley P. "Sex Differences in Communicative Attempts to Curtail Depression: An Inconsistent Nurturing as Control Perspective." Western Journal of Communication 71.2 (April 2007), 114-135.
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Keith, Michael. "The Long Road to Radio Studies." Journal of Broadcasting and Electronic Media 51.3 (September 2007), 530-537.

Keith, Michael. "Voices Never Silenced: What They Said on Radio About the Effect of Television's Debut on Radio." Feedback, 48:2 (March 2007), 14-19.
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Matelski, Marilyn J. "Minorities in the Mainstream: Preserving Roma Cultural Identity in Hungary Through Radio 'C.'" International Journal on Diversity in Organisations, Communities and Nations 7.5 (2007), 197-204.



Cuklanz, Lisa M., and Moorti, Sujata. "Television's New Feminism: Prime Time Representations of Women and Victimization." Critical Studies in Media Communication 23.4 (October 2006), 302-321.

Duggan, Ashley P. "Understanding Interpersonal Communication Processes across Health Contexts: Advances in the Last Decade and Challenges for the Next Decade." Journal of Health Communication 11.1 (January-February 2006), 93-108.

Duggan, Ashley P., and Le Poire, Beth A. "One Down; Two Involved: An Application and Extension of Inconsistent Nurturing as Control Theory to Couples Including One Depressed Individual." Communication Monographs 73.4 (December 2006), 379-405.

Fishman, Donald A. "Rethinking Marshall McLuhan: Reflections on a Media Theorist." Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media 50.3 (September 2006), 567-574.

Keith, Michael C. "Where Have All the Historians Gone?" Journal of Broadcasting and Electronic Media 50.2 (June 2006), 345-357.

Matelski, Marilyn J. "China's Second 'Cultural Revolution': The Cyberspace Challenge." International Journal of Technology, Knowledge and Society 2.3 (2006), 111-122.



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Fishman, Donald A. "Mainstreaming Ethnicity: Horace Kallen, the Strategy of Transcendence, and Cultural Pluralism." Southern Communication Journal 69 (2004), 157-172.

Fishman, Donald A. "Reading John Locke in Cyberspace: Natural Rights and 'The Commons' in a Digital Age." Free Speech Yearbook 41 (2004), 34-54.

Fishman, Donald A. "The Strange Career of Credo Talk in NCA." Free Speech Yearbook 41 (2004), 13-20.

Keith, Michael C.; Sterling, Christopher H.; and Yudin, Anna. "Privatizing Russian Radio: A Post-perestroika Perspective." The Radio Journal: International Studies in Broadcast and Audio Media 2.2 (2004), 67-76.
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Matelski, Marilyn J., and Street, Nancy L. "Reconceptualizing the United Nations: Social Change in the Age of Globalization." International Journal of the Humanities 2 (2004), 567-574.



Fishman, Donald A. "Texaco and the Search for a New Paradigm in Crisis Communication." Business Research Yearbook 10 (2003), 984-988.

Lammers, John C., and Duggan, Ashley. "Bringing the Physician Back In: Communication Predictors of Physicians' Satisfaction with Managed Care." Health Communication 14 (2003), 493-514.

Yudin, Anna, and Keith, Michael. "Russian Radio and the Age of Glassnost and Perestroika." Journal of Radio Studies 10.2 (2003), 246-255.
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Barry, Ann Marie. "Perception and Visual Communication Theory." Journal of Visual Literacy 22.1 (2002), 91-106.

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Fishman, Donald A. "Libel Reconsidered: The Troubled Legacy of New York Times v. Sullivan." New Jersey Journal of Communication 10 (2002), 125-145.



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Matelski, Marilyn J. "A Critical Analysis of Breast Cancer Sites: Searching the Web for Answers." Electronic Journal of Communication 11 (2001), 3-4.



Barry, Ann Marie. "Starving in the Midst of Plenty: The Relationship Between Advertising Images and Eating Disorders." Exposure 34 (2001), 12-18.

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Matelski, Marilyn. "Jerry Springer and the Wages of Fin-Syn: The Rise of Deregulation and the Decline of TV Talk." Journal of Popular Culture 33 (2000), 63-75.
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