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Description of Honors Program

communication department

The Communication Department will notify eligible majors for the honors program by email.  For questions regarding the honors program, please contact the Director of Communication Department Honors, Prof. Celeste Wells.


All qualified students will be invited to register for special honors sections of regularly taught writing-intensive seminars (courses with numbers between COMM 4425 and COMM 4475). Enrollment in these sections will be limited to ten students with the qualifying GPA. Students can choose seminars in areas of their particular interest.

Courses will be designated for honors on a rotating basis. Students should plan accordingly and sign up for honors seminars in their area of interest when they are offered, any time between first semester junior year and first semester senior year. To register for designated honors sections, students must directly contact Sanchali Biswas. Registration for these sections will be by department permission only. Only juniors and seniors with the qualifying GPA are eligible for the honors sections.

After completing two honors seminars of choice, a student will decide in which of the two seminar topic areas they would like to pursue the writing of an honors thesis. The student will work with the instructor of the corresponding course to develop a proposal and eventually write a complete honors thesis. Judgment of the quality of the thesis will be up to the thesis advisor, and poor quality theses will not be accepted as fulfilling the requirement of the honors program. Honors theses must be delivered to the thesis advisor before the advisor submits a thesis grade. The deadline for submission of the completed thesis to the advisor is the first study day during the semester in which the student is enrolled for thesis credit.


All qualified students will be invited to register for a special honors section of Communication Methods in the second semester of sophomore year.  Students will then complete an Introduction to Honors course (counts as a writing intensive seminar) in either fall or spring semester of junior year.  Honors Thesis will be completed in the fall of senior year.