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Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences

Honors Program

communication department

The Communication Honors Program provides qualified majors with an opportunity to conduct independent research and to write an honors thesis reporting their results. The program provides for close contact between the student and a thesis advisor so that the student can receive intensive guidance and assistance throughout their research and writing.

For students who have an established record of academic achievement, participation in the Communication Honors Program offers several distinct advantages:

  • the additional academic challenge of small class size,
  • the intellectual independence that comes with defining your own research interests, and
  • the opportunity to work closely with a faculty member.

The schedule of honors courses for the 2016-2017 academic year includes:

Fall 2016 - September through December 2016

  • COMM 4452 - News Media/Democracy (Serazio)
  • COMM 4472 - Race, Law, and Media (Vats)

Spring 2017 - January through May 2017

  • COMM 4451 - Gender Roles & Communication (Cuklanz)
  • COMM 4459 - The Rhetorical Strategies of the Disney Corporation (Rosenthal)