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College of Arts and Sciences

Honors Graduates

communication department

To graduate with Communication Honors, a student must satisfy all of the requirements for the major, receive an A or A- in two honors seminars, and complete an honors thesis directed by a member of the Communication faculty.

This year, the following students have graduated with Communication Honors:

Class of 2014

Catherine Boyle
Thesis Title: "Crisis in Sports: An Assessment of the Ongoing Vulnerability to Terrorism in the Modern Age through a Theoretical Analysis and Comparison of the 1972 Munich Olympics and the 2013 Boston Marathon"
Thesis Advisor: Dr. Donald Fishman

Sara Davey
Thesis Title: "A Tale of Two Crises: An Analysis of How Corporations Succeed or Fail to Learn from Crises"
Thesis Advisor: Dr. Donald Fishman

Katherine Donahue (Scholar of the College)
Thesis Title: "Fact through Fiction: A Case Study of Televised Historical Drama's Influence on Audiences' Perceptions of the Past"
Thesis Advisor: Dr. William Stanwood

Tatiana Gilmartin
Thesis Title: "No Chick Flick Moments: Supernatural’s Representations of Gender Roles and Power Dynamics"
Thesis Advisor: Dr. Lisa Cuklanz

David Groman
Thesis Title: "Faux News: A Comparative Perspective on the Role of Political Satire in American and Italian Democracies"
Thesis Advisor: Dr. Michael Keith

Rebecca Kelley
Thesis Title: "Girls Gone Bad: How Girls Perpetuates Post-Feminist Ideologies in a Third-Wave Guise"
Thesis Advisor: Dr. Lisa Cuklanz

Cassandra Martin
Thesis Title: "The Narrative of a School’s Innocence Robbed by Violence”: Crisis Communication and Policy Change in the Wake of the Columbine and Newtown Tragedies"
Thesis Advisor:  Dr. Donald Fishman

Bridget Norris
Thesis Title: "The Comeback Kids: Crises in Athletics and an Analysis of the Subsequent Image Restoration Process"
Thesis Advisor: Dr. Donald Fishman

Nicole Sandonato
Thesis Title: "The History of Gender Representations in Teen Television"
Thesis Advisor: Dr. William Stanwood