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Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences

Honors Graduates

communication department

To graduate with Communication Honors, a student must satisfy all of the requirements for the major, receive an A or A- in two honors seminars, and complete an honors thesis directed by a member of the Communication faculty.

The 2017  students graduating with Communication Honors:

Andreina Baquero-Degwitz
Thesis Title: Deconstucting the double threat: An analysis of representations of Latina women in television.
Thesis Advisor: Dr. Michael Keith

Cailin Cowley
Thesis Title: Masculinity in the media: How hegemonic masculinity impacts media portrayals of sexual assault on college campuses.
Thesis Advisor: Dr. Michael Serazio

Katelyn DeFusco
Thesis Title: The media's role in communicating climate change.
Thesis Advisor: Dr. Michael Keith

Alexandra Rae Hunt
Thesis Title: Selling empowerment: A critical analysis of femvertising.
Thesis Advisor: Dr. Michael Serazio

Anthony Iati
Thesis Title: Play by play: The evolution of the American play-by-play sports broadcaster 1921-2017.
Thesis Advisor: Dr. Michael Keith

Lillie Karch
Thesis Title: Talking about emails and females: An exploration of the 2016 U.S. Presidential election using image restoration theory. 
Thesis Advisor: Dr. Michael Serazio

Carlie Ladda
Thesis Title: From public broadcasting to mobile application:Technology's effect on children's education media in times of crisis.
Thesis Advisor: Dr. Celeste Wells

Ambrey Rice
Thesis Title: Selling authenticity: Case studies of corporate governance over consumer audiences in the age of social media.
Thesis Advisors: Dr. Don Fishman, Dr. Celeste Wells

Miranda Richard
Thesis Title: A comparative analysis of populist communication on Twitter during national elections.
Thesis Advisor:  Dr. Matt Sienkiewicz

Hailey Jisoo Tahk
Thesis Title: A rush to judgment: 2006 Duke lacrosse rape and 2011 Penn State child sex abuse scandal.
Thesis Advisor: Dr. Don Fishman

Isabella Valentini
Thesis Title: Female pop stars and the perception of women in society.
Thesis Advisor:  Dr. Andrew Owens