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Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences

Honors Graduates

communication department

To graduate with Communication Honors, a student must satisfy all of the requirements for the major, receive an A or A- in two honors seminars, and complete an honors thesis directed by a member of the Communication faculty.

This year, the following students have graduated with Communication Honors:

Class of 2016

Emily Boches
Thesis Title:  The ugly truth: Persuasion through identification with anti-smoking advertisements
Thesis Advisor:  Dr. Celeste Wells

Michelle Goldstein
Thesis Title: Savvy, self-assured, and unsuitable: An examination of the term "SWUG" and a study of injurious speech and sexually-charged rhetoric in collegiate environments
Thesis Advisor:  Dr. Celeste Wells

Anna Link
Thesis Title:  The Fascist Within: (Un)veiling the Fascist Mentality in Contemporary Film
Thesis Advisor:  Dr. Brett Ingram

Maureen McGrath
Thesis Title:  Born to Make You Happy: The Teen Pop Princess, Femininity, and Millennial American Cultural Anxiety
Thesis Advisor:  Dr. Lisa Cuklanz