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Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences

Margaux Labaudiniere '12

alumni profile

Margaux Labaudiniere

“Beautiful, welcoming, and majestic” is the description used by Margaux Labaudiniere ’12 to describe the BC campus. She was also drawn to Boston College for its “great balance between academic, social, and athletic activities”. Margaux double majored in communication and economics and credits her communication courses with strengthening her research and presentation skills.

Both fields of study served her well in her off-campus internships, but she also prioritized on campus engagement across academic, athletic, and artistic areas. Margaux served as a teaching assistant, worked in the football office, and performed in/directed The Vagina Monologues. Margaux encourages BC students to embrace challenges and “not to shy away from academic challenges and opportunities such as honors programs and seminars. BC has so many intelligent and motivated students and the conversations you have with your peers in classes, the dining halls, and the dorms can shape your time at BC, introduce you to new subjects, and present to you new perspectives on the world.” She will be working with Goldman Sachs after graduation.