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Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences

Luisa Navarro '12

alumni profile

Luisa Navarro

Luisa Navarro ’12 cherishes the many traditions that she experienced in her four years at Boston College – studying in Bapst Library, attending football games, and meeting students from all over the country. These traditions were complemented by a strong education that has inspired her to pursue a career in journalism.

An innate curiosity about people led Luisa to the communication major. She found that her professors were valuable mentors and made themselves available for support and guidance: “The faculty in the Communication Department is one of a kind—dedicated to its students, passionate in the field, and always working to bring innovative material to the classroom.”

Luisa is currently studying journalism at Columbia University. She gives credit to her undergraduate work in communication for preparing her by strengthening her writing skills and teaching her to look at situations from a wide variety of perspectives as a journalist. An understanding of intercultural communication has been beneficial as she meets with people who have different ideologies and unique backgrounds. She writes, “Most importantly, studying communications has allowed me to develop a stronger sense of empathy, which is a value I will be able to take with me through all walks of life.”