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Alumni Profiles

communication department

Erika Schonberg

Erika Schonberg Alves '96
Erika encourages students to tap into a valuable resource at BC - its alumni.  She notes, "I have benefitted throughout my career from the strong alumni network that BC has built and would advise students to take advantage of those connections."

Photo of Nicole Oliverio

Nicole Oliverio '03
Nicole is an on-air General Assignment Reporter for 7News (WHDH-TV), the NBC affiliate in Boston. She has been recognized for her work by several awards from the Associated Press and also won a New England Regional Emmy.

Susan Mello

Susan Mello '06
Susan writes, “I’d recommend that students foster a deep appreciation for theory and research in communication, take an interdisciplinary approach to course registration, and make strong connections with fellow students and faculty members.”

photo of Nijah Cunningham

Nijah Cunningham '07
Speaking of his professors in the department, Nijah says simply, "They made me hungry. They taught me that when you have a question, you answer it. You follow it, wherever it takes you." 


Alex Diamond '09
Alex advises students "follow their passions, and dream big...the worst thing someone can tell you is 'no'...just move onto the next and keep going for it." 

Photo of Genevieve Kimberlin

Genevieve Jarvis '10
One of the aspects Genevieve appreciated while at Boston College was the spirituality. She felt “the spiritual component was not something that was forced upon anyone, but it imbued the student body with a sense of ‘help thy neighbor.’"

photo of Raquel Small

Raquel Small '10
Raquel credits her professors with sparking an interest in communication and the Internet, as well as helping her to hone her writing skills, think critically, and analyze information.  “I apply the things I learned in school almost every day,” she says. 


Courtney Hovsepian Vidal '10
Courtney felt Boston College was the “complete package,” with its strong academics, close-knit community, beautiful campus, and embodiment of Courtney’s own values and beliefs.  

photo of Xian Bu

Xian Bu '11
Xian’s interest in television reporting and production led her to Columbia Graduate School of Journalism. After completing her graduate work, she aspires to become a foreign correspondent. 


Dan Duquette '11
To complement his coursework, Dan sought out co-curricular experiences and interned at WCVB, ESPN, and served as sports director/on-air talent for WZBC Radio.

photo of Erika Hernandez

Erika Hernandez '11
While at BC, Erika completed a summer internship at CNN, served as president of the AHANA Leadership Council, and played on the Women’s Rugby Club.  She now works with Teach for America as a high school math instructor.  

photo of Jungkyu Lee

Jungkyu Lee '11
As a communication major, Jungkyu states that he was able to utilize his creativity and hone his writing skills. “Whenever I could, I would try to connect my writing to sports."  Currently Jungkyu is working at ESPN as a Statistics Analyst.


Paul Pettas '11
Paul loved campus life, serving as a 48 Hours retreat leader, campus tour guide, PULSE mentor and Peer Health Exchange educator. He enjoyed the variety of the classes at BC as well as studying international communication in San Sebastian, Spain.


Jana Ross '11
Jana decided to major in communication because she enjoyed writing and research and felt that it offered a broad foundation to enter the media, public relations, or marketing industries. 


Harvey Simmons '11
A double major with philosophy and communication, Harvey says that the communication major provided him with “insights in how to practically approach different challenges as a startup marketer.”

Photo of Margaux Labaudiniere

Margaux Labaudiniere '12
Margaux encourages BC students to embrace challenges and “not to shy away from academic challenges and opportunities such as honors programs and seminars."  She is currently employed with Goldman Sachs.

Sean Lane

Sean Lane '12
Sean emphasizes that he forged lifelong friendships here and advises current students “to cherish every single moment because your four years go by so fast. Branch out, take risks, and make an effort to meet someone new every day.”

Luisa Navarro

Luisa Navarro '12
Luisa cherishes the many traditions that she experienced in her four years at Boston College – studying in Bapst Library, attending football games, and meeting students from all over the country. 

Aubrey Pringle

Aubrey Pringle '12
According to Aubrey, “All of the students I met were compelled to use their education in ways that would benefit others."  Aubrey has completed her master's degree in journalism at Northwestern University's Medill School of Journalism.

Sam Robinson

Sam Robinson '12
Sam double majored in communication and psychology, and brings knowledge of both academic areas to graduate work in University of Pennsylvania's criminology research program.

Nicole Shirley

Nicole Shirley '12
The ideal at Boston College of “men and women for others” resonated profoundly with Nicole, and the focus on service and community was a value that greatly influenced her academic and personal growth. 


Olga Khmylev '13
Currently, Olga is working full-time as program manager at the Academy of Hockey, which is a premier hockey training and development program at the HARBORCENTER complex associated with the Buffalo Sabres. 


McEdward Laguerre '13
McEdward feels that the communication major prepared him for his work as a Talent Acquisition Coordinator at Hill Holliday, an advertising agency.  He writes, “Understanding how to communicate to different types of people, in different types of environments, is vital to success…"

Photo of Cecilia Aycinena

Cecilia Aycinena '14
Cecilia is currently working for Univision Communications, Inc. in New York City and putting her experience and degree to use as an Ad Sales Coordinator in Network Planning.


Catherine Boyle '14
Catherine worked as an Undergraduate Research Fellow and completed an honors thesis focusing on crisis communication. She is currently employed as an Account Researcher at Brunswick Group, a corporate communications firm in New York City. 


Emily Mervosh '14
Emily writes, “The first lesson I learned at BC, which then echoed throughout my four years, was that the overwhelming majority of the world does not have the opportunity to receive a college education and that we have a responsibility, therefore, to use our education to help others.”

Photo of Kristen Scott

Kristen Scott '14
Kristen felt her major taught her how to ”think more critically about the world, to more deeply assess the media and formulate my own opinion, and to write persuasively. All of these skills help me on a daily basis, personally and professionally.”


Rob Wennington '14
Rob Wennington ’14 credits the communication major with teaching him skills that can be translated to any industry.  He writes, “I became a stronger public speaker, a more creative thinker, and a self-motivated individual through my years in the major.”

Photo of Martin Casiano

Martin Casiano '15
Academic reputation, proximity to the city and the beautiful campus all played a part in Martin choosing Boston College, but what  “sealed the deal” was attending the Keith A. Francis AHANA Weekend, and falling in love with the community of students and professors.