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Study Abroad

special programs - communication department

International study has become more and more popular among Boston College students and Communication Department majors, as students realize the increasing importance of broadening their intercultural perspectives. We are communicating in a global marketplace, and it is ever so important to be able to help cross cultural lines with our spoken and written words. Students participate in programs of study in more than 30 countries worldwide, sponsored either by Boston College or other institutions of higher learning.

Boston College requires a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.2 in order to study abroad.

Students who are interested in studying abroad should contact the Office of International Programs for more information on specific programs and application procedures. Typically, juniors study abroad during the spring semester; however, there are certain exceptions that can be made for placement during the fall semester of junior year.

Registration Options

Students who choose to enroll in a Boston College international program:

  • Remain enrolled at Boston College during their semester abroad.
  • Pay regular Boston College tuition and remain eligible for all financial aid.
  • Earn regular Boston College credit and grades.

Students who choose to enroll in an externally administered program:

  • Take a leave of absence from Boston College during their semester abroad.
  • Pay the program provider directly and do not receive Boston College financial aid.
  • Earn transfer credit, but grades are not averaged into the Boston College GPA.

Semester Abroad Requirements

The Communication Department requires their majors to have completed seven courses in Communication by the end of their junior year. This leaves no more than four courses to be completed during senior year. Among those courses required prior to travel are the four Core Courses: Rhetorical Tradition, Survey of Mass Communication, Public Speaking, and Communication Methods. In addition, we strongly suggest juniors take one of their two required writing intensive seminars in the fall of their junior year, before travel. This is to allow for the second to be completed senior year. A student may transfer up to two courses in Communication as ELECTIVES from the Study Abroad placement, which counts toward the seven total courses needed by the end of junior year. These courses must be pre-approved by the Director of Undergraduate Studies, Prof. Christine Caswell.

In addition,

Students may enroll in: COMM 4485 Advanced Intercultural Communication.

This is a web-based, advanced intercultural communication course intended for those studying abroad in a BC internal program. Offered by permission only, the course is taught by Dr. Marilyn Matelski.

The course allows students to study and live the culture concurrently while in their host country, and receive credit for doing so. This class fulfills one Elective requirement toward the three Elective requirements for the major. A student may still take two courses abroad that can be transferred for elective credit, provided the courses are approved by the Director of Undergraduate Studies, Prof. Christine Caswell.

For information regarding enrollment in COMM 4485 and course logistics, please confer with Dr. Matelski, St. Mary's Hall South Room S451.

For additional Study Abroad program information, see Prof. Christine Caswell, St. Mary's Hall South Room S375.