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Graduate Programs

classical studies


The Department offers a Master of Arts degree under three headings: in Latin, in Greek, and in Classics (Latin and Greek together). Students typically come to these programs to prepare themselves either for entry into a Ph.D. program elsewhere, or for a career in teaching at the secondary level.


Each degree requires a combination of course work, independent study, and comprehensive examinations; for the M.A. degree a thesis option is also available, with departmental permission. The M.A. degree requires 30 credits, all within the department. Candidates for any degree are required to complete a departmental reading list, which varies to suit the several degrees, and to pass both written and oral examinations. They are also required to demonstrate the ability to read a modern foreign language, usually French or German, with a dictionary.

Financial Aid and Student Life

Limited scholarship aid is available, chiefly in the form of tuition remission. One teaching assistantship, which carries a stipend in addition to free tuition, is usually reserved for a second-year student.

Office of Student Services

Office of Graduate Student Life

Monitoring and Regulating Student Progress

Departmental Policy and Procedures

Morrissey College and Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Policies and Procedures

Further Information

For more detailed information on each program, including the appropriate reading list, select the degree in which you are interested:

M.A. in Classics

M.A. in Greek

M.A. in Latin

Electronic application forms for the M.A. degree(s) (M.A. in Classics, Greek, and Latin) are available directly from the Graduate School.

For additional information please contact:

Professor Gail Hoffman
Classical Studies
Graduate Program Director

Professor Kendra Eshleman
Department Chair

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