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Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences

Course List

classical studies


Courses are organized under three main headings:

Elementary and Intermediate Language Courses

Designed to prepare students for advanced courses in Greek and Latin literature. They also carry credit towards the University Foreign Language requirement. Each of these courses is offered once a year.

Ancient Culture and Civilization Courses

Open as electives to all students and are conducted entirely in English translation. They can be applied to, and form the basis of, the Minor in Ancient Civilization. Some carry credit towards the University Core Literature requirement and are marked as such. A selection of these courses is offered each year, usually four to six.

Reading courses in Greek and Latin Literature are designed for Classics' majors and graduate students, but are open to anyone who possesses the necessary language background. Again, a selection is offered each year, usually six to eight.

Modern Greek Courses

Offered at the beginning and intermediate levels. These courses carry credit towards the University Language requirement, and help prepare students for study abroad programs and graduate work. Courses in Modern Greek Culture are also offered each year.

Students should note that courses in other departments, which may not be listed here, will sometimes carry credit towards the Minor in Ancient Civilization.

Note: View Boston College Course Schedule Information (Office of Student Services) for complete and up-to-date course listings, including links to course descriptions, instructor information, and indications of which courses are open, closed, or restricted.

Classics Courses

Elementary and Intermediate Language Courses
offered annually

  • Elementary Latin I-II
  • Elementary Greek I-II
  • Intermediate Latin I-II
  • Advanced Intermediate Latin
  • Intermediate Greek I-II
  • Intensive Latin

Courses in Ancient Culture and Civilization
selections annually

  • Classical Mythology
  • Greek History
  • Roman History
  • Greek Civilization
  • Roman Civilization
  • Culture of Athenian Democracy
  • Women in the Greek Cultural Spectrum
  • Roman Law and Family
  • Christian East: Orientis Lumen
  • See also listings in the History department
  • History and Structure of Latin (requires some Latin)
  • Studies in Words
  • Greek Art and Archeology
  • Art and Myth
  • Art and Archaeology of Homer and Troy
  • Political Thought of the Greeks 
  • Greek Philosophy 
  • Aristotelian Ethics 
  • Evolution of Greek Metaphysics
  • Religion and Philosophy
  • Western Cultural Tradition I-II (Greece and Rome) 
  • Western Cultural Tradition III-IV (Bible and Middle Ages)
  • Arts and Sciences Honors Program (offered annually)

Reading Courses in Greek and Latin Literature
selections annually

Greek Authors and Genres

  • Aeschylus: Agamemnon
  • Aristophanes: Frogs
  • Euripides: Bacchae
  • Euripides: Hecuba
  • Herodotus
  • Homer
  • New Testament Greek
  • Plato: Symposium
  • Sophocles and Aristophanes
  • Sophocles: Oedipus
  • Sophocles: Antigone
  • Thucydides

Latin Authors and Genres

  • Apuleius
  • Christian Latin
  • Cicero and Friends
  • Cicero and Pliny
  • Horace: Odes
  • Latin Paleography
  • Latin Prose Composition
  • Latin Epigram: Catullus and Martial
  • Livy
  • Lucretius
  • Ovid: Amatory Poems
  • Petronius: Cena Trimalchionis
  • Roman Love Poets
  • Seneca: Philosophy
  • Seneca: Tragedy
  • Tacitus
  • Virgil: Aeneid
  • Undergraduate Readings and Research 
  • Graduate Readings and Research 
  • Scholar of the College 
  • Master's Thesis
  • Tutorials, theses, etc.

Modern Greek Courses

Elementary and Intermediate Language

  • Elementary Modern Greek I-II (alternate years)
  • Intermediate Modern Greek I-II (alternate years)

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