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Current Research Students

Professor James Morken, Faculty Mentor
Student's name: Matthew N. Cerundolo, Chemistry, ’11
Title of the Project: “The Synthesis of a Unique Phosphine Ligand for Nickel Catalyzed Diboron-Promoted Coupling Reactions”

Professor Steven Bruner, Faculty Mentor
Student's name: Elizabeth Guenther, Chemistry, '11
Graduate student mentor: Heather A. Cooke
Title of the Project: “Synthesis of Naphthoyl Amino-CoA Inhibitor to Rigidify NesB2

Professor Jason Kingsbury, Faculty Mentor
Student's name: Austin Travis, Chemistry, ’10
Title of the project: "New Methods for the Synthesis of Medium Ring Azacycles"

Professor Amir Hoveyda, Faculty Mentor
Student's name: Michael Ryan, Chemistry, ’10
Graduate student mentor:  Steven Malcolmson
Title of the project: "Design and Development of new Chiral Catalysts for Olefin Metathesis"

Professor Larry Scott, Facuty Mentor
Student's name: Fernando Liquido, Chemistry, '10
Graduate student mentor: Allison Greene
Title of the Project: "Synthesis of 4,11-Di-tert-butyldibenzo[a,g]corannulene"

Student's name:Jacob Ishibashi, Chemistry '10
Graduate student mentor: Natalie Smith
Title of the Project: "Diels-Alder Chemistry on a Curved, Aromatic System"

Student's name: Caitlin Hanley, Chemistry '11
Graduate student mentor: Jennifer Quimby
Title of the Project: "Methods for the Chemical Synthesis of Carbon Nanocones"

Sudent's name: Matthew Jeffreys, Chemistry, '11
Graduate Student Mentor: Eric Fort
Title of the Project: "Benzyne Diels-Alder Additions to Bisanthene"

Professor Paul Davidovits, Faculty Mentor
Student's Name: David R. Croasdale, Chemistry, '12
Postdoctoral Mentor: Andrew Lambe
Title of the Project: "Characterization of Aerosol Soot Particles"

Stuent's name: Kevin Nihill, Chemistry, '11
Postdoctoral Mentor: Eben Cross
Title of the Project: "Oxidation of Aerosol Soot Particles"

Professor Larry McLaughlin, Faculty Mentor
Student's name: Rabih Geha, Biochemistry, ’10
Graduate student mentor: Ayan Pal
Title of the project: "Preparation of Rigid Nucleosides"

Student's name: Amy Calhoun, Chemistry, '10
Graduate student mentor: Joe Arico
Title of the Project: "Purine Nucleoside Syntheses"

Student's Name: Erin Wolf, Biochemistry, '10
Graduate student mentor: Chris Thiele
Title of the Project: "Probing Minor Groove Interactions by DNA Polymerases"

Student's name: Sinead Brady, Chemistry, '11
Graduate student mentor: Kerry Salandria
Title of the Project: "DNA Minor Groove Labeling"

Professor Mary Roberts, Faculty Mentor
Student's name: HeeYong Byun, Biohemistry, '11
Graduate student mentor: Jiongjia Cheng
Title of the Project: "Role of Two Surface Proline Residues, Pro245 and Pro254, in a Bacterial Phosphatidylinositol-Specific Phospholipase C (PI-PLC)

Professor Kian Tan, Faculty Mentor
Student's name: Chris Nauser, Chemistry, '10
Graduate student mentor: Ted Lightburn
Title of the Project: "Developing Directing Group Strategies for Hydroformylation"

Professor Udayan Mohanty, Faculty Mentor
Student's name: Kenneth Aruda, Chemistry, '10
Title of the Project: “Energetic of binding interaction of magnesium with RNA bases”

Student's name: Meghan Gibson, Biochemistry, '11
Title of the Project: "Examining the role of Magnesium Ions in the Structural Stability of Ribosomal Subunits"

Professor Evan Kantrowitz, Faculty Mentor
Student's name: David Puleo, Biochemistry, ’10
Graduate student mentors: Greg Cockrell and Kim Gryncel
Title of the Project: "High resolution X-ray of Aspartate Transcarbamoylase from Bacillus Subtilis"

Student's name: Emily Funk, Biochemistry, ’10
Graduate student mentor: Kim Gryncel
Title of the Project: "Use of non-natural fluorescent amino acid to study the mechanism of aspartate transcarbamoylase"

Student's name: Timothy Siegert, Chemistry, ’10
Postdoctoral student mentors: Joby Eldo and Andrew Dutton
Title of the project: "Determination of the three-dimensional structure of the catalytic subunit of aspartate transcarbamoylase in the presence of its natural substrates"

Professor Jianmin Gao, Faculty MentorStudent's name:
Ruben Mylvaganam, Biochemistry, '10
Graduate Student Mentor: Christopher Pace
Title of the Project: "Synthesis of Highly but not Fully Fluorinated Phenylalanine"

Student's Name: Julian Vastl, Chemistry, '10
Graduate student mentor: Luoheng Qin
Title of the Project: "Synthesis and Evaluation of Thioflavin T Dimers for Amyloid Detection"

Recently Graduated Student Researchers

John Beckley, Biochemistry, ’09
Title of the project: “Non-hydrolyzable analogs of coenzyme A thioesters as mechanistic probes”

Geoff Stoker, Biochemistry, ’09
Title of the project: “Designed inhibitors for nonribosomal peptide synthetases”

Mike Dombrowski, Chemistry, ’09
Title of the project: “New directing group strategy for the asymmetric Heck reaction”

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