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Secondary Education/Chemistry Majors

Students in the Lynch School of Education who are pursuing an education major leading to certification in teaching chemistry at the secondary level are required to obtain both a major in chemistry in the College of A&S, and a major in secondary education in the Lynch School of Education. Because of the additional requirements of this double program, the chemistry courses required of the major must be taken in the sequence shown below. It is absolutely necessary that prospective secondary ed/chemistry majors take general chemistry in the freshman year. Physics and calculus should also be taken in the first year.

First Year

PY 030 Child Growth and Development
CH 109 General Chemistry I
CH 111 General Chemistry Laboratory I
PH 211 Physics I
pH 203 Physics Laboratory I
MT 102 Calculus

PY 031 Family, School, and Society
CH 110 General Chemistry II
CH 112 General Chemistry Laboratory II
pH 212 Physics II
pH 204 Physics Laboratory II
MT 103 Calculus II

Second Year

ED 044 Working with Special Needs Students
CH 231 Organic Chemistry I
CH 233 Organic Chemistry Laboratory I
CH 351 Analytical Chemistry
CH 353 Analytical Chemistry Laboratory
MT 202 Multivariable Calculus

ED 060 Classroom Assessment
CH 232 Organic Chemistry II
CH 234 Organic Chemistry Laboratory II
CH 222 Intro. Inorganic Chemistry
CH 224 Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory

Third Year

ED 300-ED 305 Methods of Teaching
ED 258 Prepracticum
PY 041 Adolescent Psychology
CH 575 Physical Chemistry
CH 461 Biochemistry (chemistry majors)

ED 323 Secondary Reading Instruction
ED 258 Prepracticum
CH 576 Physical Chemistry I
CH 557 Advanced Methods in Chemistry I
CH 554 Advanced Methods in Chemistry Laboratory I

Fourth Year

ED 251 Secondary Field Practicum
(9 credits, 5 days per week)
ED 233 Secondary Education


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