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Biochemistry Major

Program Description

This interdisciplinary major in Biochemistry, administered jointly by the Chemistry and Biology Departments, provides the student with a broad background in biochemistry and related courses in chemistry and biology. This major is intended for those interested in the more chemical and molecular aspects of the life sciences.

Biochemistry Majors, who do not take BI 200 (because of advanced placement, for example), are required to take one additional Biology elective, which may be selected from Level II or Level III Biology courses.

The minimum requirements for the Biochemistry major are as follows:

Biology and Chemistry Course Requirements

• Two semesters of General Chemistry (6 credits)
   CH 109-110 (or CH 117 - 118)

• Two semesters of General Chemistry Laboratory (2 credits)
   CH 111-112 (or CH 119-120)

• Two semesters of Introductory Biology (6 credits)
   BI 200 Molecules and Cells
   And Option A or B below:
  • Option A:
    • BI 202 Organisms and Populations or BI303 Introduction to Physiology
  • Option B:
    • Three courses from the Intermediate Level Biology electives (see below).

• One semester of Biology laboratory (2 credits)
   BI 204 Investigations in Molecular Cell Biology

• Two semesters of Organic Chemistry and Laboratory
   CH 231-232 (or CH 241-242) Lecture (6 credits)
   CH 233-234 (or CH 243-244) Laboratory (2 credits)

• Two Intermediate level Biology electives from the following list: (6 credits)
   BI 304 Cell Biology
   BI 305 Genetics
   BI 315 Introduction to Genomics
   BI 414 Microbiology
   BI 420 Introduction to Bioinformatics

• One semester of Analytical Chemistry and laboratory (4 credits)
   CH 351 Lecture
   CH 353 Laboratory

• One semester of Physical Chemistry (3 credits)
   CH 473 Lecture

• Two semesters of Biochemistry/Molecular Biology (6 credits)
   CH 561-562 Biochemistry I and II or
   BI 435 Biological Chemistry and BI 440 Molecular Biology

• One semester of Biochemistry Laboratory (3 credits)
   BI 480 or BI 484

• Two advanced electives from the following list** (6 credits)
   BI 409 Virology
   BI 416 Nuclear Cell Biology
   BI 429 Medical Biochemistry and Metabolism
   BI 432 Developmental Biology
   BI 451 Cancer Biology
   BI 457 Principles of Immunology
   BI 506 Recombinant DNA Technology
   BI 561 Molecular Evolution
   BI 570 Biology of the Nucleus
   CH 564 Physical Methods in Biochemistry
   CH 565 Chemical Biology: Nucleic Acids
   CH 566 Mettalopharmaceuticals
   CH 567 Chemical Biology: Structure and Function
   CH 569 Chemical Biology: Enzyme Mechanisms
   CH 570 Introduction to Biological Membranes
   CH 582 Advanced Topics in Biochemistry

** Additional electives may sometimes be announced in this category, depending upon advanced course offerings in the Biology and Chemistry Departments.

Physics and Math Course Requirements

• Two semesters of Physics with laboratory
   PH 211-212 Lecture (8 credits)
   PH 203-204 Laboratory (2 credits)

• Calculus II
   MT 101 (4 credits)

Students are also strongly urged to engage in a Research project in the senior year under the direction of a faculty member involved in biochemical research. With approval, this year-long project in the senior year may replace the requirement for Biochemistry Laboratory (BI 480 or BI 484).

•  BI 463-464 Research in Biochemistry*
•  BI 498 Advanced Independent Biochemical Research
•  CH 497-498 Advanced Research in Biochemistry
•  CH 593-594 Introduction to Biochemical Research*

Total Credits = 66
*With approval of Professor Kantrowitz (Merkert 239) or Professor Annunziato (Higgins 401A)

Recommended Course Sequence

First Year

* Introductory Biology (BI 200-202)
* General Chemistry (CH 109-110 or CH 117 and CH 118) with laboratory
* Calculus (MT 100-101)

Second Year (Fall)

* Physics (PH 211) with laboratory
* Organic Chemistry (CH 231 or CH 241) with laboratory
* Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics (BI 304)
* Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics Laboratory I (BI 310)

Second Year (Spring)

* Physics (PH 212) with Laboratory
* Organic Chemistry (CH 232 or CH 242) with laboratory
* Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics (BI 305)
* Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics Laboratory II (BI 311)

Third Year (Fall)

* Biological Chemistry (BI 435) or Biochemistry I (CH 561)
* Analytical Chemistry (CH 351)

Third Year (Spring)

* Molecular Biology (BI 440) or Biochemistry II (CH 562)
* Physical Chemistry (CH 473)

Fourth Year

* Biochemistry Laboratory (BI 480 or CH 563)
* Two advanced electives

For additional information, contact either Professor Kantrowitz (Merkert 239) or Professor Annunziato (Higgins 401A).

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