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2012 Student Awards

The Chemistry Department at Boston College is dedicated to providing a challenging environment for both undergraduate and graduate students. We are pleased that our students not only meet but often exceed our expectations when faced with the demands of their coursework and research experiences. Today, we acknowledge the accomplishments of those students who have received recognition at the departmental, collegial, national, and international levels. These enthusiastic and dedicated scholars exemplify the high standards of our department, and we look forward to observing their future contributions to the scientific community.

2011-2012 AstraZeneca Graduate Fellow in Organic Chemistry
            Miao Yu
            Robert Ely

John LaMattina Graduate Fellowship
            Scott Mlynarski
            Xix Sun
            Jennifer Dabrowski

Bristol-Myers Squibb Fellowship in Organic Chemistry
            Fang Gao

The Brian Lawrence Gray Award for Best Posters at BC Chemistry Graduate Symposium
            Grace Ferris
            Candice Joe
            Hong Zheng

Chemistry Department Graduate Student Service Award
            Nick Pace
            Fang Wang Y
            Yani Zhou

The Donald J. White Teaching Excellence Awards
            Valerie Angell
            Hee Yeon Cho
            Nicholas Mszar
            Bowman Potter
            Zachary Simpson

Women in Science and Technology Program

This student-run outreach program, now in its seventh year, is designed to inspire the next generation of women scientists. The month-long Saturday series brings together female students from Boston area high schools for research, experiments, lectures, field trips, and the opportunity to meet mentors and role models from scientific disciplines. The Boston College undergraduate students listed below volunteered their time, energy, and enthusiasm to make this program a great success.

            Emily Gilligan
            Laura Paige

            Abby Crowell
            Eunice Lee
            Catherine Lancaster
            Riley Baldwin
            Maja Krsmanovic
            Amanda Duggan
            Caitlin Murphy

Graduate Student Awards

Materials Research Society Graduate Student Award (Silver Medal)
            Sa Zhou

American Chemical Society Division of Organic Chemistry Travel Award
            Hee Yeon Cho

Honorable Mention for Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship Competition
            Douglas Brown

John Kozarich Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship
            Douglas Brown
            Michael Dolan

Undergraduate Student Awards

The Boston College Excellence in Chemistry Award Matthew Villaume (Chemistry)
            David Machajewski (Biochemistry)

The Merck Index Award Alexis Peterson (Biochemistry)
            Justin Slade (Chemistry)

2012 Brian Lawrence Gray Prize
            Michael Dolan

2012 CRC Press Freshman Chemistry Achievement Award for General Chemistry
            Yechaan Joo

2012 CRC Press Freshman Chemistry Achievement Award for Honors Modern Chemistry
            Corleone Delaveris

2012 Undergraduate Award in Analytical Chemistry
            Douglas Brown

Honorable Mention for Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship Competition
            Douglas Brown

John Kozarich Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship
            Douglas Brown
            Michael Dolan
            Zachary Kasun
            Benjamin Reiner

James Flack Norris and Theodore Williams Richards Summer Undergraduate Research Scholarship
            Benjamin Reiner
            Casey Brodsky

Advanced Study Grant
            Christopher McLaughlin

Christopher J. Georges Award for Excellence in Student Journalism
            David Cote

Phi Beta Kappa Class of 2012
            Catherine Lancaster (Biochemistry)
            David Machajewski (Biochemistry)
            Alexis Peterson (Biochemistry)
            David Richards (Biochemistry)
            Justin Slade (Chemistry)
            Matthew Villaume (Chemistry)
            Justin Wright (Chemistry)
            Evan Yu (Biochemistry)

2012 Dean’s Scholars
            Douglas Brown (Biochemistry)
            Nicole Flanagan (Biochemistry)
            Alexander Martin (Chemistry)
            Brian Stamm (Biochemistry)

2012 Sophomore Scholars
            Casey Brodsky (Chemistry)
            Jacob Dibattista (Chemistry)
            Michael Dolan (Chemistry/Math)
            John Thompson (Chemistry)
            Alexander Warshauer (Biochemistry)

2012 Scholars of the College

Matthew Villaume
“Cu(I)-catalyzed Enantioselective Addition of Alkylalu-minum Reagents to Acyclic Enones Promoted by N- Heterocyclic Carbenes”
(Amir Hoveyda, advisor)

David Machajewski
“Structural and Kinetic Investigations of Aspartate Trans-carbamoylase Regulatory Mutants in Escherichia coli”
(Evan Kantrowitz, advisor)

Alexis Peterson
“Towards Understanding the Mechanism of Action of UTP on Escherichia coli Aspartate Transcarbamoylase Using Crystal Structures”
(Evan Kantrowitz, advisor)

Ka (Dennis) Cheng
“Regioselective Hydroformylation of Nosyl-Protected Homoallylic Sulfonamides”
(Kian Tan, advisor)

Ian Roundtree
“Synthesis and Application of Substituted Allylic Boro-nates”
(James Morken, advisor)

Catherine Lancaster
“Investigation of the Properties of Aspartate Transcar- bamoylase from Thermatoga Maritima and Treponema Denticola”
(Evan Kantrowitz, advisor)

Patrick Wong
“Solubilized Gramicidin A as Potential Systemic Antibiotics”
(Jianmin Gao, advisor)

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