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Professor Shih-Yuan Liu Joins Chemistry Faculty

Ashley Biernesser
The department is pleased to announce the appointment of Professor Shih-Yuan Liu to the chemistry faculty at Boston College. Professor Liu is currently an associate professor of chemistry at the University of Oregon and is best known for his pioneering research on azaborines – benzene rings in which a C=C bond has been replaced by a B=N bond. Azaborines closely match the size and shape of ordinary benzene rings, and they still enjoy considerable aromatic stabilization, but most of their other physical, chemical, and spectroscopic properties are significantly altered.

Professor Liu is currently studying azaborines as high-capacity hydrogen storage materials, as novel optoelectronic materials, and as electronically-modified isosteres of drugs and other biologically active compounds. In 2012, Professor Liu won both a Camille Dreyfus Teacher-Scholar Award and the Journal of Physical Organic Chemistry Award for Early Excellence. He will join the BC faculty this summer as a full professor of chemistry.
Professor Udayan Mohanty Elected a Fellow of The Royal Society of Chemistry

Udayan Mohanty
Professor Udayan Mohanty has been named a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry (FRSC). FRSC Fellowships are awarded to scientists who have made either exceptional contributions to the profession, the advancement of the field or direction of an organization involved with chemistry.

Professor Mohanty is known for his work in the fields of physical chemistry, chemical physics, and biophysics. He has done fundamental work in interactions of ions with nucleic acids, molecular motions of liquids below the freezing point, density wave theory of solid-liquid transition, dynamics of nucleic acids in gels and free solution, systems away from equilibrium and stochastic process, and density functional theory of quasi-crystals.
2012 Alpha Sigma Nu Book Awarded to Professor Larry T. Scott

Lawrence Scot
Boston College organic chemist Lawrence T. Scott has been honored by Alpha Sigma Nu, the Jesuit honor society, with a 2012 Alpha Sigma Nu Book Award for his co-edited book, Fragments of Fullerenes and Carbon Nanotubes. Scott’s publication, co-edited with Marina A. Petrukhina and published by John Wiley & Sons, Inc., was one of only four winners, chosen from a field of 50 entries representing 16 Jesuit institutions.

The Alpha Sigma Nu Jesuit Book Awards, established in 1979, recognize outstanding publishing achievement at Jesuit colleges and universities. Books are judged on the basis of scholarship, significance of topic to scholars across several disciplines, authority in interpretation, objectivity, presentation and style. Faculty and administrators of the 28 U.S. Jesuit colleges and universities, two in Canada and one in Korea are eligible for consideration.

This year's awards recognized books in the sciences, as represented by four different disciplines: social sciences, natural sciences, computer sciences and health sciences. Scott’s book was the winner in the natural sciences category.

"I feel greatly honored that my book was chosen for this highly prestigious award. The investments Boston College has made in the sciences over the last two decades have successfully elevated several of our departments to national prominence. I believe Saint Ignatius would be pleased to know that excellence in research and scholarship, across all disciplines, continues to be valued and supported at Jesuit colleges and universities," said Scott.

Scott joined the Boston College faculty in 1993 and holds the Louise and Jim Vanderslice and Family Chair in Chemistry. A leader in the development of laboratory methods for the chemical synthesis of carbon-rich materials, Scott was recently named a Fellow of the American Chemical Society, the largest single-science professional society in the world.

He serves as chair-elect for the ACS Division of Organic Chemistry and sits on the editorial advisory board for The Journal of Organic Chemistry.
--Kathleen Sullivan, Office of News & Public Affairs

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