Professor Shih-Yuan Liu and Dr. Abhishek Chatterjee to join the Faculty

Arriving this summer, Professor Liu’s research focuses on synthetic organic/organometallic chemistry with an emphasis on developing molecules that are important in biomedical research and materials science. Professor Liu attended the Vienna University of Technology and spent a year at the UNC at Chapel Hill as an exchange student under the direction of Professor Jim Morken. No stranger to the Boston area, Professor Liu received his Ph.D. in organic chemistry at MIT, in the research group of Professor Gregory Fu, and continued his postdoctoral studies there in inorganic chemistry with Professor Daniel Nocera. >>

Dr. Chatterjee, a chemical biologist, is currently a Postdoctoral Fellow at The Scripps Research Institute in the research group of Professor Peter G. Schultz. He received his Ph.D. at Cornell University under the direction of Professor Tadhg Begley. Dr. Chatterjee’s independent research program will focus on developing and applying novel chemical-biology approaches to “probe and engineer complex biological systems.”

Professor Udayan Mohanty Elected a Fellow of The Royal Society of Chemistry

As the largest European organization advancing the chemical sciences, The Royal Society of Chemistry, selects Fellows based on their contributions to the field. >>

2012 Alpha Sigma Nu Book Awarded to Professor Larry T. Scott

Fragments of Fullerenes and Carbon Nanotubes co-edited by Professor Larry Scott and Marina A. Petrukhina was selected as one of the year’s most outstanding publications among the Jesuit University community. >>

Professor Jeff Byers graduate student Ashley Biernesser awarded an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship. >>

Materials Research Society gives Silver Award to Sa Zhou, a graduate student in the Wang Group. >>

Fang Gao named recipient of the 2012 Graduate Student Innovation Award (GSIA) by the Sigma-Aldrich Company

This award is given to students for work that is focused on developing or using in a creative manner current or new reagents, catalysts, and ligands. >>

AstraZeneca Graduate Fellowships in Organic Chemistry for 2013-13 awarded to Dan Silverio and Xixi Sun. >>

Ardolino receives highly competitive 2013-13 ACS Organic Chemistry Division Fellowship. >>

Four students earn John LaMattina Graduate Fellowships. >>

Chemistry faculty and graduate students made magic at the AAAS Family Science Days >>

Summer and Fall 2012 Seminars

The Chemistry Department offers a robust series of seminars and talks throughout the academic year and summer, featuring distinguished scientists from industry and academe. All talks are held at the Merkert Chemistry Center and are open to members of the scientific community.  >>

Chemical Nanostructure for Catalysis developed by Professor Frank Tsung and his researchers

Professor Frank Tsung
and his students have developed a new concept to control heterogeneous catalysis by coating the catalyst with a layer of nanoporous shell.    >> 

Professor Paul Davidovits co-authors an article which questions the link between black carbon aerosol and atmospheric warming >>

The Weerapana Group find the versatility of the triazine core as an ideal modular scaffold which can be used to generate covalent inhibitors for cysteine-mediated protein activities. >>

The news that Professor Amir Hoveyda and his group developed a simple proton as part of a potent organocatalyst that provides a practical approach for synthesizing complex, chiral organic compounds was published in Nature and reported in a number of other media. >>

Professor Udayan Mohanty and his collaborators find that magnesium fluctuations modulte RNA dynmaics in the Sam-I Riboswitch.
Organic aerosol formation from alkanes emitted as a result of oil spills was studied by Professor Paul Davidovits, and his collaborators from Aerodyne Research Inc., MIT, and Penn State, with assistance from BC undergraduates.

Compounds synthesized in the research group of Professor and Vice Provost for Research Larry McLaughlin can be used by scientists to probe enzymes and biological systems to better understand the damage cyclonucleosides can cause.   >>

Associate Professor Dunwei Wang and his group have developed silicon nanowires coated with hematite that may be the key to using the sun to split water into oxygen and hydrogen.   >>

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