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Boston College Department of Chemistry at the Organic Reactions & Processes Gordon Conference    08.03.2017

Gordon Conference

Left to right: Ryan Murelli, Laura Wieland Brown, Kevin Brown, Steve Malcolmson, Pamela Lombardi, Yu Zhao, Simon Meek

Mattia Pizzagalli awarded Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship    05.08.2017

Mattia Pizzagalli '18 an undergraduate researcher in the laboratory of Professor Eranthie Weerapana has won a Goldwater Scholarship.  This prestigious award is given to the nation's most exceptional students in the sciences, math and engineering. 

To read more about his research, please see the article in BC News

Max Palkowitz Recipient of ACS SURF    03.29.2017

Max Palkowitz '18  has been awarded an American Chemical Society Division of Organic Chemistry Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF).  This program recognizes outstanding undergraduate organic chemistry students by providing financial support for summer research.  Palkowitz will be working in the laboratory of Professor James Morken.

Award Winning Alumnae    02.06.2017

Dr. Elizabeth Sattely is a recipient of a 2017 Marion Milligan Mason Award for Women in the Chemical Sciences.  Established to inspire women to enter the field of chemical science research, the award provides a grant of $50,000 to boost their research efforts.  An Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering at Stanford University, Dr. Sattely, Ph.D. ’07, earned her doctorate with Professor Amir Hoveyda.  Her current research focuses on the discovery and engineering of plant metabolic pathways.

To read more see: The American Association for the Advancement of Science

Dr. Jeannette Garcia, Ph.D '12 has been chosen to receive The 2017 Young Industrial Polymer Scientist Award.  Established in 2016 by the ACS Division of Polymer Chemistry, this award recognizes industrial innovation and creativity as it is applied to polymer science.  Dr. Garcia will speak at the Fall 2017 National American Chemical Society meeting where a symposium will be organized in her honor.  She conducted her graduate research in Professor Amir Hoveyda's group.

The Hoveyda Research Group teams up with The Schrock Group in Discovery of New Catalyst    01.24.2017

Professor Amir Hoveyda and MIT Professor Richard Schrock, along with a team of chemists from their groups, have discovered a new type of catalyst which will be of great use in the field of drug discovery. Boston College researchers who co-authored the report include Drs. Xiao Shen and Alexander Speed, post-doctoral fellows, graduate students Ming Joo Koh and Thach T. Nguyen and undergraduate researcher Dongmin Xu.

To learn more please see:

/bc-web/bcnews/science-tech-and-health/chemistry/hoveyda-new-catalytic-strategy.html and

Professor Jeffery Byers Recognized for Materials Research    01.24.2017

Professor Jeffery Byers has received a 2017 PMSE (Polymeric Materials: Science & Engineering) Young Investigator Award. This award recognizes scientists who have excelled in materials research in the early years of their career. The awardees will be featured at The 2017 PMSE Young Investigator’s Symposium which will be held at the 253rd ACS National Meeting and Exposition in April 2017.

‘Ignite Funds’ Awarded to Professor Jeffery Byers    01.24.2017

The ACS GCI Pharmaceutical Roundtable is providing funding in an effort to spur new and innovative ideas that may yield sustainable solutions to chemistry and engineering problems encountered by the pharmaceutical industry. Prof. Byers is one of four scientists chosen to receive a $25,000 ‘ignition’ grant to support research to gather preliminary results which can be used in future grant proposals.

Congratulations to our December 2016 Graduates    12.30.2016

The 2016 Nobel Prize for Molecular Machines    10.20.2016

molecular machine

The 2016 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for Molecular Machines was shared by Jean-Pierre Sauvage, J. Fraser Stoddart, and Ben L. Feringa. Asked to comment by Bethany Halford, Senior Editor at Chemical and Engineering News, Vanderslice Professor of Chemistry T. Ross Kelly, a longtime researcher in molecular machines, stated, “The recipients are an outstanding choice. Creating molecules from scratch that can perform functional movements is something only chemists and nature can do.”

Our colleague, Professor Kelly, was there at the very start of the field. He created the first molecular brake, ratchet and motor (see simulation). His efforts were recognized in 1996 by an Arthur C. Cope Scholar Award from the American Chemical Society, “for advancing the art of organic synthesis by imaginative syntheses of natural products and original developments in molecular recognition, artificial enzymes, and nanotechnology/molecular devices.” A contribution by Kelly to the 2001 Special Issue on Molecular Machines in Accounts of Chemical Research provides an overview of his work. The Special Issue, which contains fewer than a dozen papers, also contains contributions by Sauvage, Stoddart and Feringa. A 2003 award-winning article, “The Incredible Shrinking Motor” by Halford, then a science writer at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, describes Kelly’s accomplishments in terms accessible to the layperson.

Graduate Symposium Poster Session    10.11.2016

Mark Aparece

Mark Aparece (Morken Group) is the presenter

Wenjian Wang

Wenjian Wang (Gao Group) is explaining her poster to Gabriel Lovinger (third year graduate student)

The Brian Lawrence Gray Award for Best Posters at BC Chemistry Graduate Symposium    10.11.2016

Brian Lawrence Gray Award

Left to right: Da He (Wang Group), Rachel Kelemen (Chatterjee Group), Mark Aparece (Morken Group) and Xiaoxu Wang (Wasa Group)

James Thorne receives DOE Fellowships    09.12.2016

James Thorne

James Thorne, a graduate student in Professor Dunwei Wang’s research group, is the recipient of two prestigious fellowships funded by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE).  Selected to receive the Office of Science Graduate Student Research Award he will spend the Spring ’17 semester conducting research on his project, “Time Resolved X-ray Absorption Measurements of Water Oxidation Intermediates in Operando” at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.  Awardees are chosen based on their academic accomplishments, the merit of their research proposal and its potential to contribute to the mission of the DOE Office of Science.

Mr. Thorne has also received an ALS (Advanced Light Source) Doctoral Fellowship in Residence from the DOE Office of Basic Energy Sciences.  During the term of the residency, also at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, he will have the opportunity to use the resources at this facility, the world’s first third-generation synchrotron radiation source. 

Ming Joo Koh recipient of BMS Graduate Fellowship    07.12.2016

Ming Joo Koh

Ming Joo Koh has been named a Bristol-Myers Squibb Graduate Fellow in Synthetic Organic Chemistry. This distinction is given to graduate students who have demonstrated research and academic achievement and the potential for substantial accomplishments in the future. Koh, who is a graduate student in Professor Amir Hoveyda's research group, will receive a grant of $35,000; $30,000 in support of his continued research and education and $5,000 to cover the cost of supplies.

Congratulations to our August 2016 Graduates    08.30.2016

LaMattina Family Fellowship in Chemical Synthesis    06.24.2016


Recipients of the 2016-17 LaMattina Family Fellowship in Chemical Synthesis are  Ashley Biernesser (Byers Group), Ying Shi (Hoveyda Group) and Liang Zhang (Morken Group).

Julia Curley awarded NSF Fellowship    05.26.2016

Chemistry major Julia Curley BS '16 has received a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship  to support her doctoral studies at Yale University. She has worked in the research laboratory of Professor Jeff Byers for over two years and credits her time there as where she "learned how to be a scientist...."  To read more see this link.

Professor James Morken is the 2016 Graduate School of Arts & Sciences Faculty Teaching/Mentoring Awardee    05.13.2016

Recognized for his significant contribution to the education of graduate students, Professor James Morken has been selected to receive the 2016 Graduate School of Arts & Sciences Teaching/Mentoring Award.  This award recognizes a faculty member who has demonstrated excellent scholarship combined with dedication to the to instruction and welfare of their students.  Professor Morken will receive his award at the Morrissey College Graduate School degree-granting ceremony.

The Morken Research Group Advances Cross-Coupling Reaction    01.07.2016


Professor James Morken and graduate students in his laboratory have developed a process which merges three chemicals, two electron donors and one electron acceptor, resulting in a 'conjunctive' reaction.  The resultant reaction is both selective and efficient and holds great promise for its use in the pharmaceutical industry.   To learn more about the work of Prof. Morken and graduate students Liang Zhang, Gabriel J. Lovinger, Emma K. Edelstein, Adam A. Szymaniak, and Matteo P. Chierchia, please see:

BC News & Public Affairs     Science     Science (full article)

Alumni named in Forbes Magazine “30 under 30 2016: Energy”    01.07.2016

Stafford Sheehan '11, currently a PhD candidate at Yale University, has been named to Forbes Magazine “30 Under 30 2016” list in the Energy category.  While at BC, he worked in the research laboratory of Professor Dunwei Wang.  Sheehan discovered a heterogenized homogeneous catalyst which generates oxygen from water.

Read the article here.

Professor Amir Hoveyda among the most Highly Cited Researchers    12.17.2015

Amir Hoveyda

Professor Amir Hoveyda has been named one of the most Highly Cited Researchers in 2015 by Thomson Reuters.  This annual list identifies the world's leading researchers who have ranked among the 1% most cited in their subject field. The focus of the 2015 list is contemporary research achievement determined by a survey of Highly Cited Papers published in journals indexed in the Web of Science Core Collection from 2003-2013.

The full list is available at

TED Talks: Chemistry Department Alumna Dr. Jeannette Garcia    12.11.2015

Dr. Jeannette Garcia

In a recent TED talk, Dr. Jeannette Garcia, a Chemistry Department alumna and former member of Professor Amir Hoveyda's Group, spoke about her discovery of a strong, light plastic that is recyclable. She discusses how this important breakthrough came about, and its vast potential to reduce both energy costs and the amount of slowly degrading materials in the nation's landfills.

View Dr. Garcia's TED talk at this link.

Nanomaterials for Energy Conversion    12.03.2015

Lawrence T. Scott

Professor Dunwei Wang's research on nanomaterials for energy conversion was profiled at the Materials Research Society's (MRS) fall meeting. The MRS is the leading international organization for materials research.

See the video

Graduate Awards    12.03.2015

LaMattina Family Fellowship

LaMattina Family Fellowship in Chemical Synthesis

The 2015-16 LaMattina Family Fellowship in Chemical Synthesis have been awarded to Jacob Ishibashi (Liu Group), Tyler Mann (Hoveyda Group) and Bowman Potter (Morken Group).

Professor Emeritus Lawrence T. Scott Wins an American Chemical Society National Award    08.17.2015

Lawrence T. Scott

The American Chemical Society has announced that Lawrence T. Scott, the Louise and Jim Vanderslice and Family Professor of Chemistry Emeritus, will receive one of the 2016 Arthur C. Cope Scholar Awards. These awards were established in 1984 “To recognize and encourage excellence in organic chemistry.”

The award consists of $5,000, a certificate, and a $40,000 unrestricted research grant. Financial support for the award is provided by income from the Arthur C. Cope Fund, administered by the ACS under the terms of the will of the late Arthur C. Cope. This and other national ACS awards were officially announced at the August ACS meeting and on the ACS website. Click here to view the list of ACS Awards recipients.

Bristol-Myers Squibb Graduate Fellow in Synthetic Organic Chemistry    08.05.2015

Fanke Meng has been named a Bristol-Myers Squibb Graduate Fellow in Synthetic Organic Chemistry. This distinction is given to graduate students who have demonstrated research and academic achievement and the potential for substantial accomplishments in the future. Meng, who is a graduate student in Professor Amir Hoveyda's research group, will receive a grant of $35,000; $30,000 in support of his continued research and education and $5,000 to cover the cost of supplies.

2015 Organic Reactions & Processes Gordon Conference    07.24.2015

Gordon Conference

The Boston College Department of Chemistry was well represented at the Organic Reactions & Processes Gordon Conference this year by a number of alumni.

Left to right: Yu Zhao, Ryan Murelli, Simon Meek, Kevin Brown, Steven Malcolmson, Michael Ardolino, Robery Ely, Professor Marc Snapper, Yingju Xu, Angela Puchlopek-Dermenci

Professor X. Peter Zhang Joins the Faculty    07.10.2015

X. Peter Zhang

The department is pleased to announce that Professor X. Peter Zhang, presently a member of the faculty at the University of South Florida, will be joining us this August as a Full Professor of Chemistry. Professor Zhang is widely recognized for his innovations in organometallic chemistry, catalyst and reaction development and chemical synthesis.

Welcome Professor Zhang!

Congratulations to Dr. Lindsay Renbaum-Wolff    07.24.2015

Congratulations to Dr. Lindsay Renbaum-Wolff who was awarded the Canadian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society's Roger Daley Postdoctoral Publication Award for excellence of a publication in the fields of meteorology or oceanography. Dr. Renbaum-Wolff, a postdoctoral fellow in the laboratory of Professor Paul Davidovits, co-authored a paper entitled "Viscosity of α-pinene secondary organic material and implications for particle growth and reactivity."

Professor Shih-Yuan Liu selected to receive a Friedrich Wilhelm Bessel Research Award by the Humboldt Foundation    06.17.2015

Shih-Yuan Liu

Professor Shih-Yuan Liu has been selected to receive a Friedrich Wilhelm Bessel Research Award. The Alexander von Humboldt Foundation in Germany grants about 20 Friedrich Wilhelm Bessel Research Awards per year across all scientific disciplines to internationally renowned academics from abroad in recognition of their outstanding accomplishments in research to date and their exceptional promise for the future. In addition, the awardee is invited to carry out research projects of his/her own choice in cooperation with specialist colleagues in Germany in order to further promote international scientific cooperation.

Prof. Shih-Yuan Liu was nominated for the award by Prof. Dr. Holger Bettinger from the Institute of Organic Chemistry at Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen.

Chemistry's Wolfman Earns Phi Beta Kappa Teaching Award    05.15.2015


Neil Wolfman, a part-time faculty member in the Chemistry Department, has been chosen by the Boston College chapter of Phi Beta Kappa for its 2015 Teaching Award. The award will be presented at a ceremony on May 17.

Wolfman has been teaching General Chemistry at Boston College since 2000. The large lecture class is comprised predominately of freshmen, most of whom are science majors or on the pre-med track. In addition, three years ago he began teaching General Chemistry in the Gateway Scholars Program, which supports first-generation college students interested in majoring in science.

Read the full article in the Boston College Chronicle

Professor Jeffery Byers named 2015 Cottrell Scholar    03.24.2015

Professor Jeffery Byers was recently chosen as the recipient of a 2015 Cottrell Scholar Award by the Research Corporation for Scientific Advancement. This distinction recognizes early career scientists for their innovative research and academic leadership skills. Prof. Byers is one of 15 awardees chosen, after a critical peer review process, for his project "Redox Switchable Iron Catalysts for the Synthesis of Biodegradable Polymers."

Read the news release in the Boston College Chronicle: “Cottrell Award Supports Byers' Work on Polymers”

NSF Early Career Development Award Received by Professor Jeffery Byers    03.24.2015

To learn more about Professor Byers' research on sustainable chemistry, please see the news release in the Boston College Chronicle: “Research on Sustainable Chemistry Earns NSF Award”

Drs. Masayuki Wasa and Matthias Waegele Join the Faculty    02.26.2015

We are very pleased to announce the addition of two new faculty members. Professor Masayuki Wasa, whose research interests are in the general areas of organic synthesis and catalysis will join the chemistry faculty this coming April. He received his doctoral training at the Scripps Research Institute in La Jolla, California and has been a JSPS postdoctoral fellow at Harvard University in the past two years.

Professor Matthias Waegele completed his doctoral training at the University of Pennsylvania and is currently a postdoctoral fellow at the University of California, Berkeley, both in the area of physical chemistry. He will join the department in the fall. With a general interest in physical chemistry, Prof. Waegele’s future research will encompass light matter interactions, with the immediate applications focusing on solar energy harvesting and interface catalysis.

Professor Dunwei Wang Develops Sustainable Energy Nanonet Structures    01.20.2015

In a recent posting which appeared on the CBS News website, Professor Dunwei Wang's development of nanonet structures was cited as one of three technologies that could be "disruptors in the energy world, creating sustainable solutions to re-route the path of climate change." Full article at this link.

A Scientist's Curiosity Cabinet    10.10.2014

A Scientist's Curiosity Cabinet

A man with many passions, Professor Ross Kelly is a teacher, researcher and collector. His collection, a treasure chest of gadgets, gizmos and other devices that demonstrate scientific principles or just amaze with their seeming implausibility is on display in his office. With a desire to share his remarkable assortment, Prof. Kelly and two undergraduates have created "A Scientist's Curiosity Cabinet." Open the Cabinet to choose from the many videos inside ranging from subjects such as fire, cannons and the seemingly impossible.

When you close the doors to the cabinet, open the Facebook page, and we hope that you will "Like it." Prof. Kelly also hopes that you will share it so others can open the doors of "A Scientist's Curiosity Cabinet."

To read more on "A Scientist's Curiosity Cabinet," see the article in Chemical & Engineering News.
Also see the article in the Boston College Chronicle: “Toying with Science and Nature”

Graduate Awards    08.20.2014

Fanke Meng

Fanke Meng has been named a Bristol-Myers Squibb Graduate Fellow in Synthetic Organic Chemistry. This distinction is given to graduate students who have demonstrated research and academic achievement and the potential for substantial accomplishments in the future. Meng, who is a graduate student in Professor Amir Hoveyda's research group, will receive a grant of $35,000; $30,000 in support of his continued research and education and $5,000 to cover the cost of supplies.

Andrew Baggett, Ryan Coombs, Hwanjong Jang

The 2014-15 LaMattina Family Fellowship in Chemical Synthesis have been awarded to Andrew Baggett (Liu Group) "Regioselective C-H Activation of 1,2-Azaborines," Ryan Coombs (Morken Group) "Synthesis and Utility of Enantioenriched Multi-borylated Intermediates via Pt-Catalyzed Asymmetric Diboration" and Hwanjong Jang (Hoveyda Group) "NHC-Cu-catalyzed Cu-B Addition Followed by Allylation."

Undergraduate Awards    08.20.2014

Julia Curley

Julia Curley ’16 is the recipient of the 2014 Brian Lawrence Gray Prize for Outstanding Undergraduate Scholar in Chemistry.

Kozarich Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships

Four students received John Kozarich Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships to support their work this past summer. Bobby Leon ’16 and Aran Hubbell ’15 worked in the organic labs of Professors Morken and Hoveyda, respectively. Working with chemical biologist Professor Weerapana was Johanna O’Day ‘15 and Michael Rudden ’15 performed research in the physical chemistry lab of Professor Tsung.

Professor Marc Snapper wins Ignite Funding    08.08.2014

Marc Snapper


Professor of Chemistry Marc Snapper has been awarded a $30,000 grant from the Office of the Provost as part of a new internal grant initiative designed to spur research across the University. Snapper received funding for his project “Smart ‘First Aid’ Fabrics” to create novel first aid fabrics that respond selectively to injuries.

Snapper’s project was one of five proposals awarded funding during the first round of Ignite, which has been launched along with a second program, Research Across Disciplines and Schools (RADS), by the Vice Provost for Research. The two programs will award up to $550,000 annually in an effort to provide “seed” funding for new research, encourage interdisciplinary collaborations and help faculty compete for external funding.

To learn more about the new grant programs and the first Ignite awardees, please see the news release.

Professor Amir Hoveyda receives Italy's Eni Award for Hydrocarbons Research    06.07.2014

Amir Hoveyda

Referred to as the 'Nobel Prize for Energy,' the Eni Award was presented to Professor Amir Hoveyda for his work developing catalysts that can be used in the life sciences and medical research.
Read the article >>> In Rome to accept the award from the President of Italy, Professor Hoveyda describes his work.
See the video >>>

Professor James Morken named Vanderslice Professor of Chemistry    06.01.2014


Professor James P. Morken, whose research pursues new methods of chemical synthesis, has been named the Louise and James Vanderslice and Family Professor of Chemistry at Boston College.

Read the article on the Boston College Chronicle >>>

A new book edited by Professor Lynne O’Connell has been published    06.01.2014

Professor O’Connell book

A book edited by Professor Lynne O’Connell, “Innovations and Renovations: Designing the Teaching Laboratory” has recently been published. It is a must-read for anyone responsible for the design of chemistry laboratories in an educational institution. Each of the book’s chapters describe projects at a variety of sized schools and offer the perspectives of faculty, staff and architectural firms who have completed academic laboratory projects.

For more about the book, you can hear an interview with Professor O’Connell and O’Neill Science Librarian Sally Wyman at this link.

Casey Brodsky awarded McCarthy Prize    06.01.2014

For the second year in a row, a student in Professor Frank Tsung’s group has been chosen to receive the McCarthy Prize. Casey Brodsky's thesis, “Metal-Metal Interactions in Bimetallic Nanoparticle Electrocatalysts for Energy Conversion,” was selected for the top honor among the 2014 Scholar of the College projects. Ms. Brodsky will continue her studies next year at Harvard University.

Professors Eranthie Weerapana and Frank Tsung have developed a mechanism for smart drug delivery     05.29.2014

Professors Tsung & Weerapana


Boston College chemists have developed a nano-scale cage of chemical bonds that entraps small molecule drugs and then infiltrates cancer cells, showing promise it can serve as a “smart” drug delivery mechanism to fight cancer and other illnesses.

Read the article in the Boston College Chronicle >>>

Recent Graduate Discovers New Class of Recyclable Thermosetting Materials    05.20.2014

Thermosetting plastics are the strongest class of materials that can be synthesized, they are defined as a type of polymer that "set"s irreversibly with heat. Due to their rigidity and low density (versus metals), they are commonly utilized as plastics for the manufacturing of structural composites (for airplane and auto parts), adhesives, and microelectronics. Inherent chemical inertness, a property needed for longevity and robustness, of the polymers, has one drawback: thermosets typically cannot be recycled or reworked. Accordingly, parts manufactured with defects must be discarded, costing industry millions of dollars and contributing to toxic waste build up.

Thermosetting Materials

Dr. Jeannette (Jamie) Garcia (formerly O’Brien), a recent graduate of our doctoral program and former member of Professor Amir Hoveyda's group, and her colleagues at IBM Almaden have made an exciting discovery that might provide an effective solution to the above problems. Based on a serendipitous discovery arising from exclusion of a reagent in a reaction mixture to prepare a known thermosetting polymer, Dr. Jamie Garcia has uncovered a new class of thermosetting materials that are recyclable. The chemistry, details of which appeared recently in a paper in the journal Science, for which Garcia is one of the two principal authors, entails polycondensation of diamines with paraformaldehyde to poly(hexahydrotriazine)s (PHTs); the presence of a catalyst is not required and the monomers are inexpensive. Computation (DFT calculations) and small-molecule studies enabled the IBM team to elucidate the mechanism of the polymer-forming process. From these studies, they learned that the thermoset could be selectively reverted to monomer at low pH. The chemical reversibility appears a consequence of the reversibility of the hexahydrotriazine core, which hydrolyzes selectively in strongly acidic aqueous conditions. This is the first example of a completely recyclable thermosetting polymer and may offer a new approach to stimuli-responsive recycling.

Guided by their mechanistic understanding, Garcia and co-workers have identified a solvent-stabilized intermediate poly(hemiaminal) that, when a flexible oligomeric diamine is used as monomer, an elastic organogel forms which can be reverted in neutral water. The combination of covalent and hydrogen bonds in the hemiaminal dynamic covalent network (HDCN) allows the gel to exhibit a property called "self-healing"; that is, if the gel is cut into segments and recombined, the parts instantly reform a cohesive gel. Because of its reversibility, this advance might find applications in cargo delivery, such as the slow release of perfumes, dyes or therapeutics. What is more, the self-healing properties of the gel may be attractive for use as adhesives that instantly forms a firm bond on contact without heat or drying.

For additional commentary see: The New York Times

Amir Hoveyda receives the 2014 ACS Award for Creative Work in Synthetic Organic Chemistry sponsored by Aldrich Chemical Co.    05.09.2014

Amir H. Hoveyda

Professor Amir H. Hoveyda, the recipient of the 2014 ACS Award for Creative Work in Synthetic Organic Chemistry, was honored at the Awards Ceremony on March 18, held in conjunction with the ACS National Meeting in Dallas, Texas.

First established in 1955 to recognize and encourage creative work in synthetic organic chemistry, this major award from the ACS has been sponsored by the Aldrich Chemical Co. since 1976. The award includes a cash prize which consists of $5,000 and a certificate.

The citation for the award reads: “For his design and development of new, selective, and highly powerful catalytic transformations and their application to total synthesis of complex molecules of biological significance.”

Dr. Hoveyda is the Joseph T. and Patricia Vanderslice Millennium Professor of Chemistry at Boston College and currently serves as chair of the Department of Chemistry.

2013 -2014 Graduate Fellowships    04.29.2014

 LaMattina Fellowships

(L-R) Fanke Meng, Zhiyong Yu, and Hilan Kaplan.

Five graduate students have received graduate fellowships for this academic year. John LaMattina Graduate Fellowships were awarded to Hilan Kaplan (Byers Group) “Synthesis and Characterization of Bis(imino)-N-Heterocyclic Carbene Complexes of Iron for Polymerization and Catalysis,” Fanke Meng (Hoveyda Group) “Cu-catalyzed Synthesis of Boron-substituted Allylcopper Complexes and their In Situ Itilities in Organic Synthesis”, and Zhiyong Yu (Morken Group) “An Efficient Synthesis of (+)–Discodermolide: Target Inspired Reaction Development”.

Rana Kashif Khan and Michael Ardolino

(L-R) Rana Kashif Khan and Michael Ardolino.

Recognized for their achievement in organic chemistry, Michael Ardolino (Morken Group) “Methodology Development and Mechanistic Studies on Palladium-catalyzed allyl-allyl and allyl-propargyl Cross Couplings" and Rana Kashif Khan (Hoveyda Group) for his project that deals with the development of Ru-based catalysts to promote highly efficient and Z-selective olefin metathesis reactions and the mechanistic elucidation of such transformations are recipients of the AstraZeneca Graduate Fellowships in Organic Chemistry.

Professor Liu honored as Organometallics Young Investigator    03.17.2014

Professor Liu

In recognition of his impact on scientific research in organometallic chemistry, Professor Shih-Yuan Liu is the recipient of a 2014 Organometallics Young Investigator Fellowship. He will be presenting a talk at the Organometallics Symposium held during the Fall 2014 ACS meeting in San Francisco this August.

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