Seminars & Events

March 28, 2017

Professor A.J. Boydston, University of Washington

Functional Polymeric Materials at Multiple Length Scales

4:00 PM, Merkert 130

Don Tilley

April 11, 2017

Professor Don Tilley, University of California, Berkeley

High-Valent Metal Species in Water Splitting and Solar Fuels Generation

4:00 PM, Merkert 130

Timothy Donohoe

April 12, 2017

Professor Timothy Donohoe, University of Oxford

Metal catalysis: new reactions and new opportunities for organic synthesis

4:00 PM, Merkert 130

Jia Niu

We are very pleased to announce that Dr. Jia Niu will be joining the faculty this summer.  He earned his doctorate at Harvard University and is currently a postdoctoral fellow at the University of California, Santa Barbara.  Dr. Niu's research will focus on establishing new capabilities to engineer the chemical landscape of the living cell surface towards novel functions.  He will be using interdisciplinary measures which combine organic synthesis, polymer chemistry, bioconjugation, evolution, and bioengineering approaches.

Graduate Admissions News

Non-Standard Admissions: For students who would like their application to be considered outside of the usual application window and/or to begin graduate studies mid-year, please contact Dale Mahoney directly.

Giving to Chemistry

Gifts to the Discretionary Fund of the Department of Chemistry provide needed support in critical areas.

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