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Professors Chatterjee, Gao, McLaughlin, Roberts, & Weerapana
Larry W. McLaughlin

Professor of Chemistry

Contact Information:

Ph.D., University of Alberta, 1979

Max-Planck Research Fellow, 1979-1980

Selected Honors & Awards:

American Cancer Society Faculty Research Award, 1991

Our research spans three related areas: (1) we prepare nucleoside analogues as potential antivirals. We examine structural alterations on both the nucleobase as well as the sugar. Our goal is to develop compounds that exhibit differential activity with polymerase - active with the virus, inactive wit human polymerases - this will help us to develop new anti-virals. (2) Understanding macromolecular recognition processes is critical to understanding gene expression. To probe such processes we prepare modified DNA sequences in which the recognition sites are functionally altered. We use these altered DNA sequences to probe structure, function and recognition. (3) The natural structural characteristics of DNA lend themselves to the construction of repeating lattices formed by hybridization of complementary DNA sequences. These nanoscale structures can be used as crystallization scaffolds for multi-component systems, to sequester nanometer sized solutes or for controlled release of nanoscale pharmaceuticals.

Representative Key Publications:

Salandria, Kerry J.; Arico, Joseph W.; Calhoun, Amy K.; McLaughlin, Larry W. (2011) “Stability of DNA Containing a Structural Water Mimic in an A-T Rich Sequence” J. Am. Chem. Soc. 133, 1766-1768.

Theile, Christopher S.; McLaughlin, Larry W. (2012) “An efficient synthetic approach to 6,5 '-(S)- and 6,5 '-(R)-cyclouridine” Chem. Comm. 48, 5587-5589.

Theile, Christopher S.; McLaughlin, Larry W. (2012) “Synthesis of 6,6’-(S)-cyclo-2’-deoxyuridine Featuring a Unique Barbier-Style Cyclization” RSC Adv. 2, 11678-11680.