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Christine M. Goldman
Christine M. Goldman

Part-time Faculty
Educator & Coordinator, Honors Chemistry Laboratories

Contact Information:

Ph.D., University of California at Santa Cruz, 1995

Selected Honors & Awards:

2007 Boston College Teaching and Mentoring (TAM) Grant Award

Since 2001, Dr. Goldman has designed, developed, and instructed the Honors Chemistry laboratory series in the Chemistry Department at Boston College. Dr. Goldman’s goals have been to challenge, encourage and support Honors Chemistry students both inside and outside of the laboratory so that they may realize their full potential as the future scientists and medical professionals of tomorrow. Toward this end, Dr. Goldman has continually striven to create a stimulating, innovative laboratory curriculum that will lay a strong foundation for her students’ future scientific careers. This is a very exciting time for both teachers and students of chemistry: with the advent of modern educational tools such as Molecular Modeling software, we can now visualize and manipulate on screen the chemical structures that students synthesize or isolate in the lab. Working closely with her students during the lab periods allows Dr. Goldman the opportunity to share her passion for chemistry and convey to them her strong commitment to their education.

Representative Key Publications:

C. A. Marganian, H. Vazir, N. Baidya, M. M. Olmstead and P. K. Mascharak, Toward Functional Models of the Nickel Sites in [FeNi] and [FeNiSe] Hydrogenases: Syntheses, Structures and Reactivities of Ni(II) Complexes Containing [NiN3S2] and [NiN3Se2] Chromophores. J. Am. Chem. Soc. 1995, 117, 1584-1594.

H. Wang, C.Y. Ralston, D.S. Patil, R.M. Jones, W. Gu, M. Verhagen, M. Adams, P. Ge, C. Riordan, C.A. Marganian, P. Mascharak, J. Kovacs, C.G. Miller, T.J. Collins, S. Brooker, P.D. Croucher, K. Wang, E.I. Stiefel and S.P. Cramer, Nickel L-edge Soft X-ray Spectroscopy of Nickel-Iron Hydrogenases and Model Compounds - Evidence for HighspinNickel(II) in the active Enzyme. J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2000, 122, 10544-10552.

C. M.  Goldman, M. M. Olmstead and P. K. Mascharak, Discrete Mononuclear and Dinuclear Nickel(II) Complexes of Alkyl and Aryl Selenolates: Syntheses, Structures and Properties of (Et4N)2[Ni2(Se(CH3)2Se)3], (Ph4P)2[Ni(SePh)4], and (Ph4P)2[Ni2(µ-2,4,6- (Me)3C6H2Se)2(2,4,6-(Me)3C6H2Se)4] .8CH3CN. Inorg. Chem. 1996, 35, 2752-2757.