Amir HoveydaAt BC Chemistry (BCC), we are dedicated to providing a challenging and nurturing environment for our students. At BCC, you will work with world-class faculty who are serious about your education, intellectual growth, and independence. You will be challenged at BCC; much will be expected of you. Our approach to education is nurturing: we will help you access heights that you never imagined were for you to reach. At BCC, you will have the opportunity to work as a member of a well-funded research team (or teams, since we love to collaborate across disciplines internally and with other groups outside BCC) of internationally recognized faculty. On a daily basis, you will interact with enthusiastic and dedicated young scholars. You will associate with graduate students as well as postdoctoral fellows, many of whom have received national and international awards to carry out research at BCC in various cutting edge areas of modern chemistry such as asymmetric catalysis, chemical biology, and materials science. I urge you to come visit us - you will see what we are all about; you will see why we are so excited about our programs; and you will see why we have been able to train so many outstanding graduates, future leaders of sciences (please click on our alumni page) in the last two decades.

Amir H. Hoveyda, Ph.D.
Joseph T. and Patricia Vanderslice Millennium Professor of Chemistry and
Chair of the Department
Boston College

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