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Professor James Morken

The Morken Research Group Advances Cross-Coupling Reaction

Professor James Morken and graduate students in his laboratory have developed a process which merges three chemicals, two electron donors and one electron acceptor, resulting in a 'conjunctive' reaction.  The resultant reaction is both selective and efficient and holds great promise for its use in the pharmaceutical industry.   To learn more about the work of Prof. Morken and graduate students Liang Zhang, Gabriel J. Lovinger, Emma K. Edelstein, Adam A. Szymaniak, and Matteo P. Chierchia, please see:

BC News & Public Affairs     Science     Science (full article)

Professor James Morken is the 2016 Graduate School of Arts & Sciences Faculty Teaching/Mentoring Awardee

Recognized for his significant contribution to the education of graduate students, Professor James Morken has been selected to receive the 2016 Graduate School of Arts & Sciences Teaching/Mentoring Award.  This award recognizes a faculty member who has demonstrated excellent scholarship combined with dedication to the to instruction and welfare of their students.  Professor Morken will receive his award at the Morrissey College Graduate School degree-granting ceremony.

Upcoming Seminars

May 25, 2016

Professor Darren J. Dixon
University of Oxford
“Catalytic Approaches to Simplifying Synthesis”
4:OO PM, Merkert 130

June 7, 2016

Joseph and Patricia Vanderslice Lecturer in Chemical Synthesis

Professor Christina White
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
"The Functionalization of C-H Bonds"
3:30 PM Refreshments in Merkert Foyer
4:00 PM Lecture in Merkert 130

June 23, 2016

Professor Zhengtao Xu
City University of Hong Kong
“Sulfur empowers porous frameworks: sensors, catalysts and a story of bridging the gaps”
4:OO PM, Merkert 130

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Congratulations to our May 2016 graduates:

Andrew Baggett

"New Strategies Enabling Diverse Functionalization of Aromatic 1,2-Azaborine Motifs"  Liu Group

Lien Yang Chou

"Design and Synthesis of Nanopore-modulated Heterogeneous Catalyst"  Tsung Group

Shalise Couvertier

"Chemical-Proteomic Strategies to Study Cysteine Posttranslational Modifications"  Weerapana Group

Tyler Mann

"Stereoselective Olefin Metathesis Reactions Catalyzed by Molybdenum Monoaryloxide Monopyrrolide Complexes"  Hoveyda Group

Kevin McGrath

"Enantioselective Methods for Allylic Substitution and Conjugate Addition Reactions Catalyzed by N-Heterocyclic Carbene-Copper Complexes"  Hoveyda Group

Julianne Martell

"Identifying Dysregulated Protein Activities Using Activity-Based Proteomics"  Weerapana Group

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