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Morrissey College of Arts and Science

UN556 Science for Social Justice

capstone program

Audrey Friedman

Associate Professor, Lynch School of Education

Course also offered as ED288

Note: Open to science majors only.

Course Description

This course has several foci:

  • As this is a Capstone course, there will a strong focus on vocational discernment, with the goal of having students reflect deeply on their talents, passions, and commitment to social justice and how they can use these talents and gifts to improve the life chances of others;
  • Within the context of vocational discernment, participants will review the pathway(s) they have navigated/negotiated to arrive at this specific point in their academic lives, identifying the various ways they have come to develop, justify, and warrant knowledge claims in decision making about academics, moral-cognitive dilemmas, relationships, and spirituality;
  • Participants will also explore "next steps" as they decide about commitment to self, others, career, society "writ large," and spirituality, with a focus on developing levels of reflective judgment embedded and resulting in action, using Ignatian pedagogy and the Reflective Judgment Model of adult cognitive development as frameworks;
  • Students will also participate in "field experiences," which will serve as contexts for understanding inequities inherent in vocations related to their disciplines;
  • Participants will explore and discuss the moral, cognitive, and ethical issues inherent in their discipline that have implications for acting for social justice.