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College of Arts and Science

Paul G. Schervish

capstone program

Paul G. Schervish

Professor, Sociology;
Director, Social Welfare and Research Institute

McGuinn 516
Telephone: 617-552-4070

Paul G. Schervish is a Professor of Sociology, the Director of the Boston College Center on Wealth and Philanthropy, and National Research Fellow at the Indiana University Center on Philanthropy. He is senior advisor to the John Templeton Foundation, and to the Wealth & Giving Forum, an international round-table for wealth holders to reflect on and discuss their charitable giving in a peer environment.

Schervish has served as Distinguished Visiting Professor of Philanthropy at the Indiana University Center on Philanthropy, and as Fulbright Professor of Philanthropy at University College, Cork, Ireland. He is steeped in Jesuit education himself, having been an undergraduate literature major at the University of Detroit, in addition to receiving a Master's of Divinity Degree from the Jesuit School of Theology at Berkeley.

He specializes in the patterns and motivations of charitable giving, in the meaning of moral biography in an age of affluence, and in discernment of daily life as a spiritual exercise.

His hobbies include swimming, gardening, and home improvement.

Capstone Course

UNCP5520: The Sociology of the Inner Life