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Morrissey College of Arts and Science

Paul W. McNellis, S.J.

capstone program

Paul W. McNellis, S.J.

Adjunct Assistant Professor, Philosophy

Stokes 257N

Paul McNellis, S.J., taught political philosophy and social ethics at the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome, Italy, before coming to Boston College to teach in the Perspectives program.

His most formative experience was growing up in Minnesota as the oldest of nine children, which proved to be an excellent preparation for two later challenges in life: military service in Vietnam and entering the New York Province of the Society of Jesus.

As for the latter, being the sole Midwesterner among NY Province Jesuits, a special mission fell to him. He reminded native New Yorkers that the term "the city," as in "Let's go to the city," could have a referent other than "New York." One could, for example, have in mind Minneapolis, Chicago, Seattle, Omaha, Cleveland, or even Duluth.

Before entering the Jesuits he worked in Vietnam, Thailand, and Cambodia, as a soldier, journalist, and refugee relief worker. Since 1995 he has periodically taught in Vietnam and Cambodia.

His pastoral work as a Jesuit includes prison ministry, Project Rachel; and The Sons of St. Patrick, a group of Christian gentlemen at Boston College.

Capstone Course

UNCP 5553/PLIL 5553: Poets, Philosophers, and Mapmakers

Other Courses Taught

PHIL/THEO 1090, PHIL/THEO 1091: Perspectives on Western Culture
UNAS 1109, UNAS 1110: New Horizons of the Social Sciences