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College of Arts and Science

Alan L. Kafka

capstone program

Alan L. Kafka

Associate Professor, Earth and Environmental Sciences;
Research Seismologist, Weston Observatory

Devlin Hall 312
Telephone: 617-552-3650
Alan Kafka's faculty website

Alan L. Kafka has long been obsessed with the enigma of why earthquakes occur in the Eastern United States, deep in the interior of the North American plate. In addition, he is investigating patterns in seismicity that might yield clues to the mystery of whether it will ever be possible to predict earthquakes.

Professor Kafka created and directs the Boston College Educational Seismology Project which introduces K-12 and college students to the world of science research by investigating earthquakes recorded on seismographs in their classrooms.

Alan is married to Rabbi Randy Kafka, who shares his fascination with how the search for certainty in an uncertain world often leads people to seek answers to life’s mysteries in science, religion, or both.

Capstone Course

UNCP5554: Certainty and Uncertainty in Science and Religion