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Morrissey College of Arts and Science

James Fleming, S.J.

capstone program

James Fleming, S.J.

Father James Fleming, S.J. entered the Jesuits in September of 1983, two months after completing a Masters in Education at Boston College, with a concentration in emotional disturbances. It seemed, at the time, to be the next obvious step. That graduate work also prepared him, in the broadest sense, for his eventual doctoral research at the University of California in Berkeley, focusing on community service and volunteerism at American universities.

From Berkeley, CA, to Kingston, Jamaica, and from Portland, ME, to Mexico City, Fr. Fleming, now a member of the Society of Jesus for 20 years, has spent most of his life as a Jesuit. Diving from the theoretical high board of academic theory, into the deep end of the pool of practice, the world of theory made sense only when viewed from the cool waters of experience. For instance, devotion to the spiritual life benefited from service at the Sojourner Truth Transitional Shelter for Homeless Families in Roxbury; graduate studies in Philosophy gained a useful context at the Rogers Park Community Health Center in Chicago; a degree in Theology made more sense while working as a member of the Catholic Worker Organization in Oakland.

Capstone course:

UN545 Capstone: Wisdom as Theory & Practice

Other courses taught:

PY348 Culture, Community and Change
PY/ED712 Principles of Outreach Scholarship


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