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College of Arts and Science


capstone program

James Weiss

Fr. James M. Weiss
Director, Capstone;
Associate Professor,

Fr. Casey Beaumier, S.J.

Fr. Casey Beaumier, S.J.
Director, Institute for Advanced Jesuit Studies

photo of John Boylan

John G. Boylan
Director, Center for
Nuclear Magnetic

photo of Brian Braman

Brian Braman
Director, Perspectives Program
Faculty, College of Advancing Studies

photo of John J. Burns

John J. Burns
Associate Vice Provost for Undergraduate Academic Affairs, Provost Office

photo of Robert Capalbo

Robert F. Capalbo
Associate Director,
Office of Development

photo of John Dacey

John S. Dacey
Professor Emeritus,
Lynch School of Education

Fr. Robert Farrell

Robert Farrell, S.J.

photo of Audrey Friedman

Audrey Friedman
Associate Professor,
Lynch School of

photo of Elizabeth T. Goizueta

Elizabeth T. Goizueta
Asst Director, Curriculum Integration, International Programs

photo of Carol Halpern

Carol C. Halpern
Faculty, Biology

photo of Brad Harrington

Brad Harrington
Assoc. Research Prof.,
Executive Director, Center for Work and Family

photo of Alan Kafka

Alan L. Kafka
Associate Professor,
Earth and Environmental Sciences, Research Seismologist,
Weston Observatory

photo of Daniel Kirschner

Daniel Kirschner
Professor, Biology

photo of Amy LaCombe

Amy LaCombe
Senior Lecturer,
Carroll School of Management

Paula Mathieu

Paula Mathieu
Associate Professor, English

photo of Harry John McDargh

Harry John McDargh
Associate Professor,

photo of David McMenamin

David McMenamin
Director, PULSE;
Adjunct Associate Professor, Philosophy

photo of Paul McNellis, S.J.

Paul W. McNellis, S.J.
Adjunct Assistant Professor,

photo of Dorothy Miller

Dorothy Miller
Adjunct Faculty,

photo of Timothy Muldoon

Timothy Muldoon
Assistant to the VP for University Mission
and Ministry, University Mission and Ministry

photo of Jennie Purnell

Jennie Purnell
Associate Professor,
Political Science

photo of Bonnie Rudner

Bonnie Rudner
Faculty, English

photo of Akua Sarr

Akua Sarr
Associate Dean,
A&S; Director, Academic
Advising Center

photo of Paul Schervish

Paul Schervish
Professor, Sociology;
Director, Social Welfare & Research Institute

photo of Eve Spangler

Eve Spangler
Associate Professor,

photo of Rachel Spector

Rachel Spector
Associate Professor,
Connell School of Nursing

photo of Ethan Sullivan

Ethan Sullivan
Assistant Dean and Director of the Honors Program, The Carroll School of Management

photo of Mary Troxell

Mary Troxell
Adjunct Assistant Professor,