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Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences

Bachelor of Science Program

biology department

The Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Biology is a structured program for biology majors who are interested in pursuing those aspects of the field that require a strong background knowledge in physics, chemistry, and mathematics and for students who want to fulfill pre-medical/pre-dental requirements.

Biology B.S. Program Requirements

BIOL 2000 Molecules & Cells (3 credits)

BIOL 2010 Ecology & Evolution (3 credits)

BIOL 2040 Investigations in Molecular Cell Biology Lab (3 credits)

Category A: Genes and Genomes (3-4 credits)

One course from the following:

BIOL 3150  Introduction to Genomics
BIOL 3190  Genetics & Genomics
BIOL 4170  Microbial Genetics

Category B: Organismal and Systems Biology (3 credits)

One course from the following:

BIOL 3030  Introduction to Physiology
BIOL 3210  Plant Biology
BIOL 4320  Developmental Biology
BIOL 4330  Human Physiology with Lab
BIOL 4590  Introduction to Neuroscience

One Advanced Experience course (minimum of 2 credits)

Additional Biology Electives to reach a total of 30 credits for all biology courses (courses numbered 3000 and above)

Co-Requisite Courses

(15-16 credits)

  • General Chemistry 1 and 2 with Labs (CHEM 1109-1110; CH 1111-1112)
  • Organic Chemistry 1 with Lab (CHEM 2231-2232)
  • Organic Chemistry 2 with Lab (CHEM 2233-2234) or
    Biological Chemistry (BIOL 4350) or Biochemistry 1 (CHEM 4461) *

NOTE: Biochemistry (BIOL 4350 or CHEM 4461) cannot count towards both the Organic Chemistry 2 requirement and as a biology elective.

* Pre-Medical students should check medical school programs and/or the pre-medical office for specific requirements regarding organic chemistry and biochemistry.

(4 course equivalents, 6-19 credits)

  • Calculus 1 (MATH 1100)
  • Calculus 2 (MATH 1101) or Biostatistics (BI 230 or equivalent)

Two additional courses from the following list:

  • Physics 1 (calculus-based) with Lab (PHYS 2100)
  • Physics 2 (calculus-based) with Lab (PHYS 2101) +
  • Biostatistics (BIOL 2300) or Statistics (ECON 1151; MATH 3353)
  • Biomolecules: Molecular Driving Forces (BIOL 5290) * +
  • Computer Science 1 (CSCI 1101)
  • Computer Science 2 (CSCI 1102)
  • Calculus 2 (MATH 1101)
  • MATH courses numbered 2000 or higher +

Notes About Quantitative Requirements

* BIOL 5290 cannot be used to satisfy both a quantitative co-requisite and a biology elective.

+ Requires Calculus 2.

Pre-medical students should take Physics 1 and 2 with Labs and consider adding a statistics course.

Calculus Placement and Course Sequencing

Calculus 1 requirement is satisfied by completing MATH 1100 or an AP score of 4 or 5 on the AB Calculus exam.

Calculus 1 & 2 can be satisfied by completing MATH 1101 or with an AP score of 4 or 5 on the BC exam.

Calculus 2 (or the AP option) and Biostatistics can both be applied to the four course requirement, but each course can only be applied once.

NOTE:  Biology majors typically begin and/or complete calculus courses during their freshman year.