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Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences

Interdisciplinary Concentration in Bioinformatics

biology department

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The Bioinformatics Concentration is offered to students majoring in Biology, Mathematics, and Computer Science.

In order to obtain a concentration in Bioinformatics a student must complete a number of core and elective requirements. Courses that count towards a student's primary major can be used to simultaneously count towards the bioinformatics core or elective requirements as well. For example, the basic requirements for the biology major will automatically fulfill the required elective course requirement at the level of BIOL 2000 or above, and the BIOL 4200, BIOL 5240, or BIOL 6160 courses can double count to fulfill biology electives. Computer science majors will naturally fulfill the three CS course requirement in their primary coursework. Computer science students taking the B.S. option will also naturally fulfill the Probability requirement through CSCI 2244 (Randomness and Computation).

One elective course may be substituted by a semester of research in bioinformatics.  Students wishing to pursue this option should visit the Biology Department (Higgins 355) for course approval.