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shared biology equipment

Syngene’s Genius: BOX, or G:BOX, is a new unique concept in gel capture and analysis. It can be used for all fluorescence, visible and chemiluminescence (ECL) applications. This is a system for the imaging and analysis of DNA and RNA gels, protein gels, spots, blots, films, plates, colony plates, etc.

Box or G-Box

The G:BOX is equipped with a UV transilluminator (302 nm) for ethidium bromide gels. The UV light can be converted to blue light (neutral field) with a converter screen, which can be applied to SYBR green DNA/RNA dyes. In addition, there is a fold-down white light table for transmission visible light, e.g. for Coomassie or silver-stained gels.

The system contains overhead epi-fluorescence (RGB at 465, 520 and 635 nm as well as UV) diodes as well as an overhead bright white light source, which can be applied to a range of fluorescent dyes in gels and blots (e.g. Cy3 and Cy5 dyes, Alexa fluorophores, SYPRO, Q-dots). A full set of filters is installed; see for a filter and lighting selection guide compatible with your favorite fluorophore.

Furthermore, the system is able to collect consecutive, additive ECL exposures from western blots. The 5.5 megapixel 16-bit camera collects publication quality pictures. For data analysis and signal quantification the system uses powerful GeneTools software.

The G:BOX is located in room 452. For questions, please contact Dr. Marc-Jan Gubbels.