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Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences

Research Facilities

biology department

Research lies at the heart of the Biology experience at Boston College. The department offers a wide array of opportunities for scientific investigation. Our department, in pleasantly lit Higgins Hall, is well-equipped with shared instrumentation and cores facilitating modern immunology, and molecular and cell biology approaches.

The department’s shared instrumentation includes qRT-PCR, a bio-analyzer to assess nucleic acid and protein prep qualities, 2D-gel electrophoresis, a G:Box to image fluorescent dyes as well as chemiluminescence in gels or on blots, an infrared two-color Odessey imaging system, a Horiba-Jobin-Yvon dual wavelength spectrofluorometer, scintillation counters, phosphorimager, a fluorescence and bioluminescence plate reader with stacker, and a Typhoon FLA9500 scanner.

Our professionally managed imaging facility harbors two Leica confocal microscopes (SP2 and SP5), spinning disk Nikon microscope, Zeiss upright wide-field microscope and an Evos microscope. An separate work station is available for image processing and analysis. Furthermore, several individual labs operate their own dedicated microscopes.

FACS and Flow Cytometry capacity is provided by a 3 laser multi-parameter BD FACSAria cell sorter an 8 parameter 6 color BD FACSCanto flow cytometer, respectively. The FACSAria can be operated under BL2+ conditions. Professional support is available.

The departmental bioinformatics computing platform consists of a 136 cpu-core cluster and 7 terabytes of local data storage. It is available free of charge to faculty, graduate students and other researchers. Additionally, faculty, students and staff have access to the University central computing cluster, and individual laboratories may have their own dedicated computing systems.


Imaging Facility

Flow Cytometry

Bioinformatics Server

PhosphorImager SI

Scintillation Counters/Analyzers

Odyssey: Infrared Imaging System

Pulsed Field Gel Electrophoresis

BioRad 2D Protein Electrophoresis



7500 Fast Real-Time PCR System



M3 Plate Reader

Typhoon FLA9500 Scanner