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Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences

Computational Biology

biology department

figure of spatial environment
Image Credit: Figure of a spatial environment favoring heterotypic cooperation over cheating, taken from "Spatial self-organization favors heterotypic cooperation over cheating" by Dr. Babak Momeni

Computational Biology, a multidisciplinary research field that integrates Mathematics and Biology, is driven by newly emergent technologies. Areas of concentration at Boston College include genetics/genomics, systems biology, synthetic biology, and RNA structure/function.

Peter Clote, Ph.D.
Algorithm design and implementation in areas such as protein folding on lattice models, computing the energy spectrum of RNA, time warping application to functional genomics, Boltzmann probability in sequence alignments, motif detection using generalized weight matrices, neural nets, support vector machines, etc. In addition, this is the fourth year in which Prof. Clote is co-organizer of the weekly M.I.T. Bioinformatics Seminar.

Michelle Meyer, Ph.D.
Computational biology, non-coding RNA discovery and validation, molecular evolution, RNA and protein structure.

Babak Momeni, Ph.D.
Systems biology of microbial communities; mathematical modeling of biological systems; microbial ecology.

Tim van Opijnen, Ph.D.
Microbial Systems Biology; drug/gene interaction networks and the development of new antimicrobials, the development of genome-wide next generation sequencing strategies to link genotypes to phenotypes, and the engineering of bacteria with new traits and novel applicability.